The Same Kind Of Tune

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The Same Kind Of Tune

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

That statue plasters that is pure white all over
Clean colour without pressure is very pleasing
I am sitting in the drawing room imitating the statue thinking
Yet as if hearing the same perplexing idea
The tip of the conifer
Pass through the green tunnel
A general mystery is knocking
We possess
The same brains
The same hobbies
On the door the lace lines falter and show off
But if there wasn't wind, it won't be able to do it
I know collaborative tacit understanding is very important
Then only when one is proud is one not lonely is very dull
The framed castle
Very Europe's romantic atmosphere
Facing this poster
We are in a far distance
And smiling

Tacit understanding cannot be forged
We are the same kind of tune
Not concerned about the weather forecast
Because that is insignificant
Want to play a ball game, heavy rain, still bounce
Only watch the music frequency
Long for to be able to put a sign on the corner of the sky
That place blue is the best
I really understand
Tacit understanding cannot be forged
We are the same kind of tune
Manage everything by myself
Decide to wear what coat
Have a ringtone especially for messages
Never compare with other people
Have only drunk iced beverages
Smile very little
Eat whole wheat bread

(RAP: Soon going crazy
Mood slants towards leaving the orbit
Soon going crazy
I cannot get to sleep
Soon going crazy
Expression jokes with me
Soon going crazy
I cannot bear it
This is good
If our identities were switched
My worries
You will also know of being grateful as if you were the one having the favour done
Depressed and very dry
Soon going crazy
Soon going crazy)