The Handwritten Past

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The Handwritten Past

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

This wind chime is very close to the beat of my heart
This letter is still on a nostalgic trip
All the love I've come across were too young
You are the scenery I want to go back to

This parting has been bottled up into a secret
This daisy is beautiful like that of a verse in a poem
And I'm here in the wind waiting for news of you
Waiting for the moonlight to hit the snow ridden ground
Waiting for maple red to dye autumn, waiting for us to meet

# I relive the afternoon sunlight
I sling the guitar over my shoulder
It's just like it was many years ago
We sing gently, we go anywhere

* I look at your face while lightly strumming
The Valentine's Day card has 'forever' handwritten in it
I still remember when we performed together at the square park
The candy store next to the campus, it's sweet in my memories

I look at your face while lightly strumming
My first love is all over my handwritten past
I still remember that year's autumn when we said goodbye
When the romance went far away, I buried you deep in my heart

The breeze needs a bamboo forest, the stream needs dragonflies
A nostalgic departure needs plenty of duckweed
I remember the rainy season that year, it was especially quiet in my memory
The decision reached after crying, can we still go through with it?
I wait stupidly, stupidly waiting for the flowers to bloom in the warmth of spring
Waiting to finally understand, waiting for love to come back
Youth belongs to confessions of love, sunlight belongs to window sills
And I think I belong to a future with you in it

The rainbow on the paper, the sketched clock
I'm still amending it, your smile in my memories
How do I describe it, the pain that comes from mulling over thoughts of you
The night sky neon is prosperity I don't want

Perhaps I'll take a trip to the beach
Perhaps I'll watch the sunset
Perhaps any place where I can think about things in my heart
My feelings are mixed into an article at the coffee shop
Falling in love with you thoroughly, tears transparent like that of a poem

Repeat *, #, *