The Era

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The Era

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Huang Jun Lang (黃俊郎) (黄俊郎)

The clock turns backwards
The evil, mean and ferocious turn out in force
Humbly and quietly I pray in the evening under the castle
Suppressing the wild secret messages fleeing in all directions from ancient times
But the pipe organ arrogantly says that that is just futile

My instrument is rotating
The era can never eliminate my domineering dynasty
You cannot prophesize it, because the more dangerous it gets for me the more glamorous my wings become
There is no full stop, it crosses and spreads across eras with wings facing the sky

The relief sculptures under the moon
The devil's shallow smile
Wolves howling against the wind
Bats soar like a black tide
Using loneliness I adjust the tone of dignity

I've crossed eras before
With a stance like that of a monster
The sound from the piano calls the sleeping blood vessels to awaken
I don't need to be worshipped
With sadness like that of a monster
Only existing for the eternal melody
Waking up

I don't need to be worshipped
I don't need to be worshipped