Super Sports Goddess

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Super Sports Goddess

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

The music is getting exciting
The dance is causing an uproar
I control your heart
Do you understand?
The sound of the engine
Draws the night sky
The seat belts on the seats
Are tightening
I open up the convertible roof
Lifting off the brake, in this moment
It's like a clock going around fast
My speed is driven by my confidence
I ask you to come to watch something so moving it will bring you to tears
You are concentrating on drawing your eyebrows
I'm concentrating on waiting for you to smile
You put on a bit of lipstick
Acting cute and endearing, trying to please me
I get the message
Long legs with a tight skirt
You're too high profile
Your posture getting out of the car is too radiant

This makes my heartbeat shout and shout again

Oh oh the colour of your red lipstick is too forward
I turn down the window and relax my breathing
Oh oh the mascara and your eye shadow are so thick
Don't entice me

Oh oh your smile is so sweet it moves my heart
I step on the gas and dash forward
Oh oh you're wearing high heels and you're about to get pampered
The last one in the queue chasing you is me

On your crystal nails you've drawn hearts
You brush aside your long hair
Wanting to say something to me
Really? I'm unexpectedly stuttering
After half a day
Not a word pops out of my mouth
I hold onto the steering wheel
Following your hair, the burning hot exhaust pipe says I'm too nervous

Too nervous
I open the sun roof
Don't beat around the bush (Oh oh oh oh oh~)
Only listening to you talking is the most beautiful painting