Sunshine Homeboy

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Sunshine Homeboy

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

Hang the keys on your belt
Tuck your wallet in your back pocket
The black framed glasses are a 10 dioptres strong
Coming to the seaside wearing a trousers
He doesn't care yet I want to cry
A bit helpless, his face is like that of a historical relic that's just been dug up

Unexpectedly he brings his own kettle to the barbecue
When he writes a letter he uses a glue stick
When he walks, if he doesn't pay attention he bumps into a tree
I don't want to lose
Even if it's exhausting
I have to wait, I can't let you let you walk on the ordinary path again

I decide to meddle in your life
I'll be your fashion advisor
Don't say you can't

Let us ride the sunshine
Dash against the tide on the sea
Attract her sight
Don't be afraid to show your chest
Perspire some sweat
You've become a cool guy
Let us ride the sunshine
Watching far into the distance
Don't be a passer-by
Leave the beautiful girl breathless
Leaning on your shoulder
I smile and hold up the umbrella beside you

Oh right, towards girls you must cherish them
You have to wait on a date
You can't be boring when telling a joke
Don't be too cold
Be like me and it'll be just right
Towards the person you love
You have to kiss deeply
You have to hug sincerely
You should give a sweet nickname for the caller ID

You need to have individuality with clothing
This is just the introduction
Next you also have to play the piano, write songs, do nun-chuks
Your mind must be clear
You can't be confused
I'm going to thoroughly modify your genetics and change you into a new person