Snake Dance

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Snake Dance

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Huang Jun Lang (黃俊郎) (黄俊郎)

Duet with Lara from Nan Quan Mama

The River Nile gently
Overflows across the cyperus papyrus
It wanders through like a silk gown without feelings
And after you put it on, you turn around to dance for me
You do a dance of exclamation for the lonely earth

The sunset burns
The corner of the cloud above the pyramid
The shadow under the Sphinx
It's an omen
Balm is burning on the stone stairway
In my kingdom
The uproar of a several centuries have been accumulated

On the corner of the lambskin scroll
The age-old clarity
No one can escape
The troubling matters on the balancing scales
You smile faintly
Barefooted, you twist your waist
In the direction of fate you chisel out the path
Of a beautiful symbol

Come find me
You can't find me
Those lost eyes of yours
(Those lost eyes
Can't find me)
Following me
Being enticed by me
The Gods have already been possessed by the devil
(The Gods have already been possessed by the devil
Being enticed by me)
Say you love me
Do you love me?
That emperor's silence of yours
(That emperor's silence
Do you love me?)
Look at me
Being enticed by me
Your soul belongs to me
(Your soul belongs to me
Being enticed by me)