Sea Of Flowers

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Sea Of Flowers

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Gu Xiao Li (古小力) (古小力) / Huang Ling Jia (黃凌嘉) (黄凌嘉)

It's become still
All the flowers have bloomed
It's become distant
Love is made clear
The sky is depressed
Yet love likes it a lot
At that time
I didn't understand
This is called love

You like
To stand at that windowsill
You haven't been back for a long time
The colourful period of time is dyed blank
It's your tears blurring it

Don't want you to go
Distance cannot separate us
My yearning turns into the sea
It cannot come in from outside the window
Forgiveness was said too quick
Love has become a hindrance
I've let the kite in my hand go too fast
It cannot come back

Don't want you to go
The memories cannot be cut off
The loving I owe you
I'm waiting to come back
The sky is still glittering
It's loving the sea
The love song has been defeated
Love no longer exists