Repay / Red Beans

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Repay / Red Beans

Composer: Jim Lau (柳重言) (柳重言)
Lyricist: Lin Xi (林夕) (林夕)

Speech quotes represent Cantonese (yale)
Original singer: Faye Wang

Still have not yet nicely felt
The atmosphere of the snow flower blossoming
We shiver together
We will realise more
What tenderness is
Still have not yet held hands with you
Walking across the barren sand dune
Maybe from now on
Will learn to cherish

Have repaid
Just like my wish
If I never paid off this wish before
The stars won't turn
The lie won't be exposed
That is why it is too rare to continue to love each other

Have repaid
Only then to be willing to
Close my eyes admit to finishing watching this story
Nothing really matters
Even if you went far away
It's no good to complain