Only You Cannot Be Replaced

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Only You Cannot Be Replaced

Composer: Nakayama Miho/Useugi Shou/Oda Tetsuro
Lyricist: Canny Leung (梁芷珊) (梁芷珊)

This is a Cantonese song.
Original singer: Andy Hui

Once heard that a lot of love affairs
Don't have results but only leave the tinge of emotion of the hurt person
It made me deliberately avoid it
It is that I don't dare to believe in love
But you unhesitatingly treat me well sincerely
Unexpectedly makes me feel surprised again
Making me give out the same as being loved
All around cheer

If today I am going to lose everything in front of my eyes
I don't care if I have nothing left
Only you cannot be replaced
You are everything in my life

If I knew that I would be fortunate to love you in this life
I should have worked harder for the future at the start
Actually I know it can't happen again
Allow me to keep you for the rest of your life and always love you