Translation/pinyin/lyrics by Ho@multistars.com


Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

There are many colours in the candy jar yet the smile isn't sweet anymore
Some of your happiness is in times without me

Inside the medieval city, I want to be here
If seagulls no longer yearn for the sea, they can fly further away

The sound of bagpipes from far away, I only care for news about you
The castle guards the secret for love, and for me I guard the memories for you

Obviously you're not used to holding hands
Why did you actively link hands with me?
You've got too many worries, I won't expose them

Obviously he is a bit more gentle
Perhaps he can give you more
There's no need to choose, I'll automatically turn into a friend