Mount Yangming

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Mount Yangming

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

1 This is a game played in Taiwanese schools where girls draw a random set of moped keys from a hat, afterwhich they are introduced and head off to the destination together

I cannot find you
How can I hold onto your waist
You finally smile and I know
We interlock pinkys, nod, hold hands, friends let's go

All the boys want to give the school beauty a ride (give the school beauty a ride)
I must not be seen as a joke to others (seen as a joke)
Let's have a retro party game of pick the keys1 (retro party)
Ba ba ba ba la ba la ba

* Everybody follow me
Who says only nightclubs have parties hey hey
Put your hands on the chest
I'm talking about putting it on my chest hey hey
I like that you love smiling
But this phrase is too tacky hey hey
Let's switch to a more youthful and cultured sentence
Your smile is like that of jasmine

I shake my drink
Mount Yangming needs a bit of excitement
You bow your head, smiling and saying it's quite timely
We dance a bit before leaving, happiness is when I go

We admire the giant taros as we ride against the wind (we admire the giant taros)
This youthful time with you holding onto me (this youthful time)
You said it's a secret that cannot be told (secret)

From within your illicit eyes
It seems like you are full of worries as if you want to convey something
Back to back we cook some hot spring eggs
The boiling passion causes love to become mysterious

Da la da da la da (it's nearly cooked)
Da la da da la da (it's going to be cooked)
Ah it boiled onto my hand

Repeat *

Everybody follow me
Who says only nightclubs have parties hey hey
Someone's in a bad mood
Deliberately letting air out of the tyres hey hey
Pretending to be sullen in thinking up new words
The fog is all over the building, the spring rain adds to the green of the tiles hey hey
We can just chat a bit
My heart is full of you