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Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Josh Lo (羅宇軒) (罗宇轩), Huang Jie Xi (黃婕熙) (黄婕熙)

* A vikings' voyage, a log book, I stop on the deck to wait for the sunrise
The letter inside the bottle is thrown in, a record about mermaids
A secret from the Middle Ages, thence it has been stuffed into a bottle and sealed
Since a thousand years, it seems you exist to wait for someone

Perhaps it's the sad beauty that blurs
All that is golden between the ocean and the sunset
The coastal line is fogging up, it seems to be a season suitable for parting
After the fog clears, all I can see is you appearing at the shore with your long hair
For love you forget about the danger

# The tears of a mermaid
It's a world where even sadness is transparent
A full moon on the horizon far away, it feels like a fairy tale
Making me fall in love with the night that has you in it

You shed silent tears
You swim back and forth within the aquarium
My longing for you become all that's left, it feels like I'm suffocating

Repeat *, #, #