Four Seasons Train

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Four Seasons Train

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

In the mountains far away, the sound of flowers blossoming belongs to Spring
It's the height of Summer in the next carriage, friendship is put on show with a guest appearance
It's just like playing the black and white keys on the piano in quick succession
Outside the carriage window, each scene changes even more so than you

I follow that slight sweet scent of your perfume
Looking for clues to prove that you are still vivid
The train continues forward, leaves fall, they fall like tears in Autumn
The closer I get to you, the more the scenery resembles cold Winter days

Pu pu, the whistle sounds, welcoming a mysterious fog
I was prepared to arrive in front of you but got lost
Oh do do, you pout, you seem a bit puzzled
You say you've forgotten the warmth of my body

Pu pu, you have the loneliness of a cat within the expression in your eyes
If I get close to you it would be dangerous but I don't care
Oh do do, the speed at which you spin around to lose me
With the dance steps like that of a cat, I will remember it

After kicking the door down, there are faces full of hostility immediately
Every face is taut with a threatening fist
All the heroes want to perform well in front of you
You stand on your tiptoes and imprint your lipstick on the tip of my nose