East Wind Breaks

Translation/pinyin/lyrics by Ho@multistars.com

East Wind Breaks

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

A lamp of separation lament
Loneliness stands still at the window
I am behind the door
Pretending that you have not left yet
Old days like being revisited
Full moon even lonelier
Half conscious candle in the night
Can't bear to criticise me severely

A pot of a wanderer
Wander about far away from home, hard to swallow

After you left
The recollection of the warmth of wine recalls being thin

The water flows towards the east

How to steal time?
Flowers bloom and mature once
Yet I missed it

Who is using the lute to play
The song "East Wind Breaks"?

Times and seasons peeled off the wall
See when I was small

Still remember that year we were still very young

And nowadays the sound of the piano is spooky
My waiting
You have not heard yet

Who is using the lute to play
The song "East Wind Breaks"?

The maple leaf dyes the story
I see through the ending

I lead you through the ancient path outside of the fence
The year of desolation
That even separation is very silent