Directed And Acted By Yourself

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Directed And Acted By Yourself

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)

The line about Dimsum is in reference to "being gentle" from the previous line, in Chinese "to be gentle" uses the same characters as Dimsum. Dimsum is the collective name for small portions of food.

Drifting in the entrance of the lane, drifting away from the familiarity of the past
You look clearer in the rear-view mirror than in my mind
The distance between you and I is like that of skidding and that drift
They are very different but look very close

The car headlights flash once which mean I still care
You let me see you get into his car, so careless
If I hoot the horn twice it means I'm leaving
You can rest assured, I understand this game

The sound of an engine zipping by
Is the melody that you detest the most
It moves around inside the city
And becomes a fantasia song
One side madly recording it down, one side brightly forgetting it (forgetting, forgetting, forgetting, forgetting)

You get angry slamming the car door, your fragrance remains in the car
Sorry but if you want to leave don't shut the door so hard
Be a bit gentle
You say it's not Dimsum that you eat
The ice cream melts, the beauty of the lie being beside you

There's no more rain but the wipers still move left and right
Just like the memories beginning to wave at me
The dashboard turns, wondering if I will understand
Even if the speed goes faster, you can't catch up with the promise

The window is rolled down, listening to you, listening to your perfect excuse
The music is turned up, allowing me, allowing me to pretend to be moved
You're considerate, there's no need for you to direct and act out heartache yourself
If I don't understand it when watching it I'll be even sadder