Cowboy Is Very Busy

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Cowboy Is Very Busy

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Huang Jun Lang (黃俊郎) (黄俊郎)

Wu la la la the train whistles
Along with the hooves of the galloping horse
A little girl playing a harmonica
Beautifies the silhouette under the sun
I use bullets to write a diary
After I'm done introducing the scenery
I'll then introduce myself

Even though I'm a cowboy
I only order milk at the bar
Why don't I drink beer?
Because beer is bad for your health
Lots of people haven't grown a pair of eyes
They rely on weapons to be arrogant
When they only have their bare hands, they shrink into ants

Don't bother about it
Don't bother about it
Don't bother about it, don't bother about it
Don't bother about it
You all come at the same time
I'm in a hurry
I'm duelling everyday, the audience are tired of it
The hero is tired of it
Don't bother about it
Don't bother about it
The chorus isn't long, you are a few
All come together
Justice is calling me
The beautiful girl needs me
A cowboy is very busy

(The you I love, where have you gone?)
(I didn't see you there)

I la la la ride a donkey
Because I can't get on a horse
When I bathe I have to have a bubbly bath
Because I can play with toys
I have a kind heart
I only wear fake leather
When I fall down I try my best not to crush the grass

The gun muffle, it doesn't have any eyes
I once promised God
Unless I have no other choice
I'll try my best to just shoot rubber bands
Owner, first a glass of milk shake
Before you run for your life please can you
Feed that little donkey of mine while you're at it