Clock That Goes Backwards

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Clock That Goes Backwards

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

ba pa ma fa da ta na la ga ka ha
ba pa ma fa da ta na la ga ka ha ja
Vague and misty
The dream you gave me
A crack shows up
A dull pain
No matter how we communicate
You don't have any time
To tell me I don't understand
Saying it is useless
His smile
What is the difference?
In your heart
I am no longer favoured
My sky
Be it rain, be it wind
Or rainbow
You control them all

Hating myself for being really useless
My mood is agitated
To the present one heart is still taking pain
Still being moved
For that apology before separation

The clock that shuttles back and forth the frame of time
From backwards
It starts to move
Go back originally to the time period I loved you
Suspend and correct the contents
That are not loyal

All the memories are attacking me
My wound
Is torn open by you
Oath is too serious and tears are connived
The turbulent on the face
Is out of control

RAP ~ The neon lights of the city
Restlessly beating
Dyes the night sky red
All sorts of things that have passed
Are like a period of a dream
Not daring enough to go and meet it
As soon as I think of it I get pain
The contents of the broken heart
Each second
There's a difference
You don't understand
That even one word of taking good care
Will have a good reason
Don't want to give it

In the middle of the cold wind
Ruins of a chimneystack
Halts turning
Everything has come to nothing
In the sea of people
Blindly following
Other peoples' dreams
Letting everything out
Hating is useless
Treat injuries and relieve pain
Will no longer be moved
No dreams
Don't know the extent of the pain
Tears are bright red
Letting everything out