Chinese Flower Pot

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Chinese Flower Pot

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

On the blank lug, the Chinese flower is mapped out, the stroke turns from strong to light
The Peony flower that is portrayed on the vase body is like your initial makeup
The Sandalwood fragrance gradually passes through the window, I understand the matters in your heart
On the Xuan paper, the moving pen is placed here half way

Washes of glaze colour on the drawing of the lady hide the attraction
And your captivating smile is like a flower waiting to blossom
Your beauty scatters into a wisp
Going to a place I cannot go

The azure colour is waiting for the misty rain
And I'm waiting for you
The chimney smoke gracefully rises
Separated by the river millions of miles apart
On the base of the vase is inscribed with Hanshu imitating the grace of the former dynasty
Just pretend I am foreshadowing my meeting with you

The azure colour is waiting for the misty rain
And I'm waiting for you
The moonlight is fished up
Blurring the ending
As if the Chinese flower pot that is passed on from generation to generation, caring only about it's own beauty
Your eyes carry a smile

The white and flower blue Koi fish has already jumped into the bottom of the bowl
Yet when I copy the Song typeface of the signature I'm missing you
You are hidden in the kiln, a thousand year old secret
Extremely exquisite
Like a embroidery needle falling to the ground

Outside the curtain, the banana tree draws showers of rain of it
The door knocker incurs copper rust
And I pass by that small town by the River South and attract you
In the splash-ink landscape painting
You are hidden away deep in the ink colour