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Composer: Dick Lee (李迪文) (李迪文)
Lyricist: Lin Xi (林夕) (林夕)

Original Singer: Leslie Cheung, this song is in Cantonese

This life
I am forging ahead
But in this minute
Whom am I missing?

I will say
It is only you
That I cannot lose

Good view
As if an illusion, as if fake
Who understands the pleasures in life?

I will say
For feelings, for love
It is still right
Who is more important than you?
Succeeded, failed are completely not important

Who is more important than you?
Strong wind and rainstorm burns because of you
Chase and chase again
Only want to chase every minute and second in life

In fact it is very funny
You are the real target
Chase and chase again
Track the most basic needs in life
In fact I wasn't short of it earlier

Having you
Even if ordinary, but the most important

Only you
Will call me as if the most important in a crowd

Good times
Even if there is not much
One minute, so what
Spend it with you
I have not spent it in vain
A lot of crazy loving
Even more mistakes
Like being able to do it once more

I will say
For you I hope to
Be able to make a mistake in advance

Having you
Even if I am in a sound sleep
I will be smiling