Translation/pinyin/lyrics by Ho@multistars.com


Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)

Three pointer
It stays for a time in the air
Everyone is looking at me
The advancing ball sells short

Single-handedly dribbling the ball pass people
Below basket I wonderfully pass the ball
Beautiful dummy play
The handsomeness of it stupefies me

Whole audience is fixed on the person defending
The ball travels to the restricted zone under the basket
Quickly attacking and stealing the rebounds
Scoring is also dependent on me

You take the ball and don't throw it
And you will not cover me either
Selecting you, this kind of team mate
Blinds me thoroughly

Saying you say
How can the score stop?
It has stopped ever since
Who lets it stops?
My girlfriend
Outside the field cheering for me
But you still let me make a fool out of myself

How do you face me?
Throw away the ball
The rage my heart is filled with
I wanted to beat you already for a very long time
Don't think about leaving

Your eyes looking at me
Don't shiver
Lift up your head
If you have words to say go say it to the First Aid box
Don't blame me

Play basketball
Really fierce
Do not scrape off grin
I am silent
This side is noisy
I have a good shot here
Maybe I will let go
The basketball here
Three pointer
Three pointer
You can try to grab the ball as you wish
Cannot grab the ball
You grab
You can as you please
Left side
Right side
Left side
Right side
I come through the middle
Grab from the right
Grab from the middle
Pass as you wish
I grin striding across towards middle
Want it in front
Then you should sing it loudly
Want it left
Then you should sing it in a low voice
Want it right
Call from the left