Break Ups Always Have To Be On Rainy Days

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Break Ups Always Have To Be On Rainy Days

Composer: Pian Shan Gui Si (片山圭司)
Lyricist: Keith Chen (陳少琪) (陈少琪)

This is a Cantonese song
Original singer: Jacky Cheung

Drizzles at daybreak
Comes back to this earth
People find shelter alone
The moment of turning around
On this familiar roadside
I discover the stranger behind is you
Like a movie
Meeting up again at this old place
And we both don't know how to prepare
Some sighing
And a row of greetings
And casual saying of some praises

Why hasn't your vision changed after years and months?
How do the thoughts return to the old years?
The night you said you needed to leave
A row of soft rain at night
Seems like this day
Always on rainy days
Avoiding a certain period of past
But yet the raindrops bring about the meeting like this
Always on rainy days
People then miss the past
After crying bitterly, hugging and saying goodbye never to see each other again
(Everything of yours leaves on a rainy day)

And one me
My words gradually feel boring
People don't know how to find shelter
Eventually see
At this familiar roadside
That him quietly staring at you
And one you
Once again leaves this old place
The moment you are about to leave, you intimately
Softly give me
A lot of sincere consolations
As if that tone on the day you were gone