The Viral Factor (逆戰) (ni zhan)

The Viral Factor (逆戰) (ni zhan)

Release Date: 20th January 2012

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Dante Lam

Cast: Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Lin Peng, Bai Bing

Jay Chou plays International Security Affairs agent Jon who is shot in the head during a mission, after recovering in a hospital his mother reveals he has a brother (Yeung played by Nicholas Tse) who is a mercenery, she tells him to go search for him. The two must work together to save the world.

Rating Stars Reviewed by kawaiijack on 6th September 2012

I know I'm soooo late watching this movie.. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jay's acting was great! As expected, Nic did a phenomenal job as well. This is an action packed film filled with ruthless violence followed by a great story line. I will definitely recommend this movie to everyone I know!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Anita Yuen152 on 23rd February 2012

great movie. Nic and Jay shine with excellent performances.

Rating Stars Reviewed by dean on 23rd February 2012

REALLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE. it has all the components of a non stop action film with a very very very fine cast. lead male stars Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse give amazing performances as long lost brothers and I really felt their chemistry.

I've been hearing a lot of praises about Lui Kai Chi and i must say that he was great as well.
Good job Dante Lam! Once again, you proved that Hong Kong can make amazing action films and smart choices with the young cast.

Overall: 5 stars and a must watch!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Sean on 23rd February 2012

Nicholas tse and Jay chou were both amazing!!!!!!
I cant believe how much Jay has improved in his acting, especially since the green hornet. Nicholas is still one of the best young actors ever and i think this role brings his status up to being THE best young actor! hope awards are gonna be in his hands next year.
as for Lui Kai Chi, we see another fine performance frome him in his supporting role.

Overall, great film with amazing directing from Dante Lam and screenwriter Jack ng, and not to forget the pitch perfec performancs from its male lead stars Nic and Jay as well as supporting cast Chi Sook. !!

Rating Stars Reviewed by kemi on 23rd February 2012

Wow! what a great film. we see some fine and improved acting from lead Jay Chou. Other male lead is Nicholas Tse, who gives the BEST performance of his life. A no stranger to acting, he definately raises the stake with his role and brings the character of man yeung to life. good job nic! hope to see him win an award.

great supporting cast as well : lui kai chi :)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Chace on 21st February 2012

There is nothing to say about this movie besides the fact that it rocked.
Nicholas Tse's performance was even greater than expected (and i expected it to be perfect). Can he really get better than this? I think not. He Proves himself as one of the best young actors in his generation. His character also helped him a lot as he was two faced guy. Add oil Nic!
Jay Chou's performance is a big improvement. playing the younger brother (even though he is older than Nic) suits him really well. He definately has that youth innocence look while Nic has a more mature, manly and handsome face. Good job Jay

Rating Stars Reviewed by Nancy on 21st February 2012

I love this movie! Especially Nic and Jay's relationship and chemistry!

Rating Stars Reviewed by brenda on 21st February 2012

excellent film.
i have to say that Nicholas Tse was perfect and Jay Chou made a big improvement.

Rating Stars Reviewed by belinda on 21st February 2012

Jay Chou: good job as man fei!
Nicholas tse: needs to win a best actor award for his role as man yeung!
Lui Kai Chi: needs to win a best supporting actor award as the father!

Overall, the acting pownes and the story is great and interesting!

Rating Stars Reviewed by janice on 21st February 2012

Good movie!

Promising performances from Nicholas Tse in his lead role and Lui Kai Chi in his supporting role. Jay Chou makes a BIG improvement as well.

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