The Treasure Hunter (刺陵) (ci ling)

The Treasure Hunter (刺陵) (ci ling)

Release Date: 9th February 2010

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Kevin Chu

Cast: Jay Chou, Lin Chi Ling, Eric Tsang

Asian superstar Jay Chou and top model Lin Chi Ling star in this epic fantasy treasure hunting adventure based in Mongolia.

Rating Stars Reviewed by havamahal on 2nd May 2011

If I'd have to describe this movie with one word, I would have no trouble choosing it. Disaster. Pure disaster.

Truly horrible movie. Terrible script with absolutely no story, no characterization and bad acting. Jay did the best he could with that script, but this was still practically unwatchable. I honestly wish I could find some redeeming quality in it, but I can't, no matter how hard I try. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad movie, if someone bothered to create a plot, that would make sense, but apparently the filmmakers couldn't care less.

Watch it only, if you want to see all of Jay's movies. Otherwise you're time will be better spent watching Secret, Curse of the Golden Flower or Initial D.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 5th March 2011

epic fail movie , if without Jay...

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