The Green Hornet (青蜂俠) (qing feng xia)

The Green Hornet (青蜂俠) (qing feng xia)

Release Date: 14th January 2011

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Michel Gondry

Cast: Jay Chou, Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz

A rich irresponsibly young man is suddenly thrust into the spotlight as his father passes away. Upon inheriting his father's company, he (Seth Rogen) decides to make something of his life and teams up with his father's assistant Kato (Jay Chou) to fight crime as super heroes.

Rating Stars Reviewed by jaychou on 7th October 2011

great movie jay chou!!!!!
and great song

Rating Stars Reviewed by jaychou on 7th October 2011

here i am

Rating Stars Reviewed by Kato14255 on 7th May 2011


Rating Stars Reviewed by wyllym on 20th March 2011

Count me among those who hated the movie.

It was horrible to hear so many jokes against READING......and a couple of digs @ being homophobic.. or even just being close to male friends.

A dumbed down, pulpy, shallow script. Boo!

Where are the 'smart' movies that are still exciting and fun and are well-crafted?

It wasn't all bad, but what was bad made me vote to encourage friends to steer away and not go see it.

Jay being in it was the ONLY reason we sat through it.

That said, congratulations Jay! Your first Hollywood movie!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 5th March 2011

Love it !!! Fuck all those negative reviews out there...

Rating Stars Reviewed by sharonckd on 15th February 2011

One of th best movie with Jay in it. Wanted to see more of his scene, that maybe one of the reason I felt that the middle part of the movie was a bit draggy. Am glad to hear him speak english, not bad after all..not like some comment from other review saying they shouldn't get Jay for Kato. Another breakthrough for Jay.

I personally felt that Jay wanted to do. more in the movie. Will wait for Green Hornet Part 2!

Rating Stars Reviewed by janl on 11th February 2011

Very entertaining superhero buddy comedy!

Seth Rogen wrote a decent script and the chemisty between him and Jay was a joy to watch! Couldn't stop laughing and went for a second viewing just to appreciate it more in depth. :)
As Seth has continuously reiterated during interviews, our JAy is just COOL and so was Kato. :)
And for a fellow who spoke almost NO English prior to making this movie, I think Jay acquitted himself VERY well. I was able to understand what he said about 90% of the time and found his speech really endearing!

I'm looking forward eagerly to the sequel!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by fluffythepen on 30th January 2011

I just came back from the movie, and really enjoyed it. Swearing isn't much of a problem for me, so the thing overall was great, but on behalf of the hardcore original TGH fans, I'll give it a 4.5 'cause it was a really big comedy (but really humourous, and that part).

Well... what can I say? Again, it was an entertaining comedy. I actually think it was really well planned, although abut more action from Kato would be great :P I didn't focus much on Jay's acting (but his facial expressions were great xD) because I was too focused on the overall movie and was enjoying myself thoroughly, although you really could portray Britt and Kato as "two kids fighting" at times.. xD

For Britt, I don't have much to say. I didn't even hear of TGH until Jay came along, so I don't have a clue how the original goes. Let's just say that he kinda sobered up as the movie went along...
For Kato, he was cool at times, but... he can be quite the child too :P Jay's English actually wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be; there was only one phrase that I didn't catch, and that was in the beginning. In my opinion, his English speaking skills was terrific for a guy who worked at English for one month.
For Lenore... I like her character. Smart, strong.. she's cool :P Kinda felt sorry for Kato when he was about to put his arm around her while playing piano and she shrugged it off, and I had a good laugh when Reid was about to kiss her and she beat him up good xD
Alright, now Tschaikovsky - oh sorry - Chudnowsky xD I really liked his character... dangerous in an ingenious way, really. He was so random in the beginning, yet, he more dangerous than he seems. Silly maybe, but definitely not downright innocent! He was amazingly an enjoyable character for me :P

I hope that I'll be able to watch TGH a second time and be able to pay attention to Jay's acting more carefully, and I Certainly hope that there'll be a sequel!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Rosekuan17 on 26th January 2011

I liked it ALOT! Jay was really humorous in the movie and I think he is really talented,I saw this news that he learned English just in a month, so ppl don't complain on his English, can one of you guys learn Chinese just in a month? anyways the movies is AWESMAZING!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by havamahal on 21st January 2011

Okay, here it goes - my The Green Hornet review.

What to say about The Green Hornet movie? Well, first of all, I have to say that your opinion about the movie will depend on your expectations. If you expected some kind of serious action/superhero movie despite Seth Rogen being cast as Britt Reid, you’ll be terribly disappointed. The same goes for most of those, who are big fans of series with Bruce Lee. This is so different from the series, it’s most likely you’ll end up hating it, if you’re too attached to the characters from the sixties. If you expect to find a superhero, you could love and admire - not gonna happen. If you want to watch this, because you think it might have a great story… Sorry to disappoint you. Nope. Not gonna happen. On the other hand, if you go to the theaters to see a fun movie with some pretty decent action scenes and a different take on the superhero/sidekick relationship, then you’re at the right place. And if the only reason for watching this is Jay Chou in his first English-speaking role, you’ll probably end up enjoying it very much. I know I did.

I wanted to be as objective as possible about this, so I went to see the movie twice. The first time I watched it almost as a sceptic critic would, noticing every little flaw the movie has. Yes, the movie has its flaws, no doubt about it. The thing I disliked the most, was the plot, which kind of left me with 3 huge question marks hanging over my head, but okay; I’ve thought about it and it does *kind* of makes sense, so I’ll let it go. But the funny thing was, despite all the nonsense and my dislike for certain aspects of the movie, I still enjoyed it. Very much in fact. The same goes for the majority of the audience, who was in the theather that night. It was simply entertaining movie with good jokes, good action and very good Jay Chou as Kato. The second time I went to see it, I went solely as Jay’s fan. I concentrated on him - his acting, his English, the way he handled his action scenes… and I loved the movie. Not because I’d spend the whole two hours drooling over watching him on big screen, but because he did his job really well.

Kato’s character was the highlight of the movie - no doubt about it. The only scene without him in the movie, that I thought was great, was the first scene with Chudnovsky and James Franco’s character - everything else was pretty much mediocre. Not bad, but mediocre. I was a bit disappointed with C. Waltz’s character, because the writers had an excellent opportunity to make a great villian, that Waltz would be more than capable to pull off, but they failed to do so. Couple of more scenes with him could’ve easily fixed that, but for some reason they chose to make his scenes as short as possible. I think there’s no need to ask why Cameron Diaz was cast as Lenore - strictly for promotional reasons. (in Europe this movie got as much attention as it did, because it was “a movie with Cameron Diaz”, not because of Seth Rogen or Jay or even Christoph Waltz) Her character was neither annoying or very likeable, so it pretty much left me indifferent. I’m very glad none of the guys gets the girl here. Finally - a superhero movie with almost no romance in it! Seth Rogen as Britt Reid… Hmm… Let’s just say you’ve never seen as idiotic hero as the Green Hornet is. Without Kato he’d be dead the moment he’d step on the street. Rogen wasn’t that bad and he worked in comedic parts, but it’s more than obvious drama isn’t his thing. B. Reid is not very likeable character, but he is funny and sometimes he’s so ridiculous, you just have to laugh, whether you want to or not. But basically he’s just a big jerk. (not that Kato is *that* perfect) There is a moment in the movie, where you just wish that Kato would pull the trigger and shoot him, so that we could continue the story with just him. ;) But next to him Kato looks even more charming, sexy, not to mention smart, so he serves his purpose.

As for Kato - I was almost surprised how well his character was written. He’s not just a sidekick, but a real fleshed out character, who wants more out of his life than being a mechanic, coffe-maker and yes, even sidekick. He’s a genius, but still has to play second fiddle to some spoiled rich guy and that bothers him. Who wouldn’t be bothered by that? But he obviously sees more in Britt than most of us do, because they soon become friends and he even calls him “brother”. I guess life and death situations do that to you… Like I’ve said before, he’s not perfect (that childish fight with Britt is perfect example for that), but he’s such a loveable character, you can forgive him almost everything. There are few scenes I really loved, but won’t get into too much details (I wouldn’t want to spoil the movie for those, who haven’t seen it yet).

I loved Jay in this movie. Yes, one of the reasons is definitely the fact, that he speaks English. I didn’t think his English was terrible like some people do and I was able to understand him without any problems (I think there were 3 lines in the whole movie, where I wasn’t sure, what he said). But his “awful” English as some call it, fits his character. Kato is Chinese and even though we never find out, how long has he been living in the US, he admits himself, that “he barely speaks English”. So why be bothered by it? Yes, there are few lines, which would’ve worked better, if he’d be more fluent in English, but others worked really well. He certainly made me laugh more than just once. His acting won’t win him an Oscar, but it fitted the spirit of the movie and I was more than satisfied with it. He was charming, when he had to be, he looked very cool in all the action scenes, was very funny, when the role required it from him and he was also quite good in more serious scenes. I loved all those little things he included to make Kato his own character such as playing the piano, classical music (surprised he didn’t choose Chopin), basketball, no swimming… It was very nice to see they listened to his ideas and included them in the movie. However, I was very disappointed that Nunchucks is the third (!) song in the end credits, because I doubt anyone except for the most loyal Jay’s fans will stick around long enough to hear it.

Just a few minor things… I saw the movie in 3 D, even though I can’t say I’m a big fan of it, but this time I had no choice. There were couple of scenes worth checking out in 3 D, but if you see it in 2 D, you won’t miss much. M. Gondry’s directing was good, but I do wish he’d get more artistic freedom in this. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make the movie he wanted to (it’s kind of tough, when your main actor is also the writer and producer of the movie), but he did add his touch. I wish him more luck in the future. As for the violence and cursing in the movie, I found the movie quite violent at times, especially the last scene with Chudnovsky. There wasn’t that much cursing or bad language, so it was all in acceptable limits (for me). And just a comment about Jay’s lines being dubbed, that Project_D mentioned - it’s hardly uncommon for movie to be shot and later dubbed in studio, especially when it comes to action movies. So, yes, his lines were dubbed later on.

To finish this - I liked the movie and even though it could be better, I still found it very entertaining. But if they ever decide to make a sequel for this, I seriously hope they’ll hire some “serious” writers to write the plot for the movie (one that will make more sense and will be more intriguing) and only allow Rogen and Goldberg to add a couple of jokes. Overall, I think The Green Hornet is a pretty decent movie worth checking out, but it‘s your opinion that counts, not mine. People like different things, have different tastes. Go see it and form your own opinion - the movie just might surprise you. Or not.

I’ll give this movie *only* 3,5 stars mainly because I think it had potential to be even better movie. Otherwise I'd be more than happy to give it 4 stars.

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