The Era 2010 World Tour (超時代) (chao shi dai)

The Era 2010 World Tour (超時代) (chao shi dai)

Release Date: 31st January 2011

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Jay Chou serves up his latest world tour concert since he last travelled around the globe 3 years ago in 2007. This time round he is celebrating his 10th year anniversary in the music industry. To make the concert as unique and innovative as possible Jay has employed 3D technology to dazzle the stage. With a track list of unforgettable classics, Jay does not disappoint.

Rating Stars Reviewed by janl on 22nd April 2011

I missed out on the chance to catch his live concert in my country so this dvd was the next best thing...and WOW!

Apart from the breathtaking 3D technology, what really stood out (for me, at least) was his level of self-confidence, which was the best amongst all his concerts so far.
Besides singing, dancing or playing various instruments, his audience interaction was absolutely tops; he had them eating out of his hand but was in no way, condescending nor arrogant (which would have been easy to be, given his level of popularity).

A thoroughly awesome experience even tho' it's a dvd and I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it...and still counting!

Rating Stars Reviewed by kim_dang_91 on 16th April 2011

First of all, I don't know if you ever read these heartfelt words of mine Jay but I still wish you all the best. You're a talented artist. This live show was fantastic overall. However, I'd like to give you a little advice. You need to use English in your songs so that people in all countries can understand your beautiful lyrics and also that's very useful for your career to get into the world music industry. I know speaking English is not easy 4 you but maybe you can be better as singing in English, right?
Try hard Jay. I believe you can make it! You're my expectation!

Warm Regards,
Your faithful fan.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 5th March 2011

Jay's concert is getting better and better

Rating Stars Reviewed by on 3rd March 2011

The Era 2010 World Tour (超時代)

Rating Stars Reviewed by phoebe on 22nd February 2011

totally value for money! production - so slick n 10 years of the best of jay's albums in one concert ! the dances are all fun with a little sexiness - but not dirty dancing like others concerts! except , i attended his conert n he sounded way better than it's produced in the dvd .

Rating Stars Reviewed by fluffythepen on 20th February 2011

Hmmm.... what to say, what to say? I may sound a bit dramatic, but It was amazing. The Era is probably my favourite concert out of them all. The opening was truly memorable, and the effects were really diao (especially when he sang 跨時代!). He also seems way more confident this year; he interacts more with the crowd and seems Completely at ease. And that allows him to pull off that cool sexy attitude with the hair, costume 'n all for the songs that need that attitude. The ending of hip-hop air hostess where he does that little dance and wags his finger goodbye with that nonchalant expression on his face as he sinks back underground? He's pulling off sexy and cool for sure. His costumes, although some of you may not agree, were really nice. Besides the shoes, I loved his starting outfit. Mehh... what else? He shows off again his piano skills this year, along with guitar and beatbox. In HK, he even played cello! His confidence is skyrocketing... that's for sure, and all the 3D stuff is really adding to the whole thing (: also, he has 4 (i think) songs that are autotuned, although i do have to say, dragon rider would probably be better without it... So again, it was really nice overall :D the behind-the-scenes are longer and more fun. I love it!!

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