Secret OST (不能說的秘密電影原聲帶) (bu neng shuo de mi mi dian ying yuan sheng dai)

Secret OST (不能說的秘密電影原聲帶) (bu neng shuo de mi mi dian ying yuan sheng dai)

Release Date: 23rd August 2007

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

The OST for the movie "Secret" that he directed, 21 songs composed by Jay Chou and famous Thai musician Terdsak Janpan.

1. Opening
2. Bike (腳踏車) (jiao ta che)
3. Morning Exercise (早操) (zao cao)
4. Tam Shui Seaside (淡水海邊) (dan shui hai bian)
5. Piano Battle (鬥琴) (dou qin)
6. Jay And Rain's Piano Duet (湘倫小雨四手聯彈) (xiang lun xiao yu si shou lian tan)
7. Ride With Me
8. Father And Son (父與子) (fu yu zi)
9. Lover's Tears (情人的眼淚) (qing ren de yan lei)
10. First Kiss
11. Girl, Don't Cry For Me (女孩別為我哭泣) (nü hai bie wei wo ku qi)
12. Teru Teru Bozu (晴天娃娃) (qing tian wa wa)
13. Ah Lang And Ah Bao (阿郎與阿寶) (a lang yu a bao)
14. Dance With Father (與父共舞) (yu fu gong wu)
15. Lu Xiao Yu (路小雨) (lu xiao yu)
16. The Swan
17. Flash Back
18. Secret (Slow Version)
19. Angel
20. Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 1 (小雨寫立可白Ⅰ) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅰ)
21. Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 2 (小雨寫立可白Ⅱ) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅱ)
22. Secret (Long and Fast Version)
23. Piano Room (琴房) (qin fang)
24. Ending
25. Secret (不能說的秘密) (bu neng shuo de mi mi)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Xavincezhou on 19th August 2007

This song is so cool... I feel so comfortable in the music... So touched in the lyric.. Anyway I think jay zhou's song is always the best I ever heard

Rating Stars Reviewed by *ale on 9th August 2007

i find this song is really nice to listen to. i especially like the starting part (the piano). the song actually touches me inside when i first heard it. i can actually feel what he feels when he sings the song. plus i watched the movie already so i kind of get what he singing about. though it sounds kind of melancholic, i still think it is a good song. hope that people out there feels the same way too. :)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Dexterity on 22nd July 2007

Man... this is the song that opens up my heart. The rockish style is cool. I don't know why but i really like Jay's rock Song more then the Hip-Hop style. I mean Rock Song like this. Cool.... I cant wait for the movie..

Rating Stars Reviewed by xIchigo on 15th July 2007

I really liked this album, or the only song that was on it.
it's something very different than his other songs, it's more 'rock'ish and theres more guitar found; the reason might be because of the rumors from the paparazzi saying that Jay's songs are all the same and/or that he copies others. The lyrics from Vincent really got to me for this song. Overall, i think this is something new really refreshing, i cant wait to see the movie.

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