Secret OST (不能說的秘密電影原聲帶) (bu neng shuo de mi mi dian ying yuan sheng dai)

Secret OST (不能說的秘密電影原聲帶) (bu neng shuo de mi mi dian ying yuan sheng dai)

Release Date: 23rd August 2007

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

The OST for the movie "Secret" that he directed, 21 songs composed by Jay Chou and famous Thai musician Terdsak Janpan.

1. Opening
2. Bike (腳踏車) (jiao ta che)
3. Morning Exercise (早操) (zao cao)
4. Tam Shui Seaside (淡水海邊) (dan shui hai bian)
5. Piano Battle (鬥琴) (dou qin)
6. Jay And Rain's Piano Duet (湘倫小雨四手聯彈) (xiang lun xiao yu si shou lian tan)
7. Ride With Me
8. Father And Son (父與子) (fu yu zi)
9. Lover's Tears (情人的眼淚) (qing ren de yan lei)
10. First Kiss
11. Girl, Don't Cry For Me (女孩別為我哭泣) (nü hai bie wei wo ku qi)
12. Teru Teru Bozu (晴天娃娃) (qing tian wa wa)
13. Ah Lang And Ah Bao (阿郎與阿寶) (a lang yu a bao)
14. Dance With Father (與父共舞) (yu fu gong wu)
15. Lu Xiao Yu (路小雨) (lu xiao yu)
16. The Swan
17. Flash Back
18. Secret (Slow Version)
19. Angel
20. Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 1 (小雨寫立可白Ⅰ) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅰ)
21. Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 2 (小雨寫立可白Ⅱ) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅱ)
22. Secret (Long and Fast Version)
23. Piano Room (琴房) (qin fang)
24. Ending
25. Secret (不能說的秘密) (bu neng shuo de mi mi)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Samuel Soegiarto T on 26th September 2009

wow, I want to be like that, because it was truly amazing, especially if I could, it would be extraordinary, because it boasts something for me because I can do it well, for very good movie. God bless You

Rating Stars Reviewed by Liltrubblmaker on 7th January 2009

I remeber that I bought the soundtrack a few days before christmas......... but i watched the movie (the second time)a few months ago. I loved the soundtrack songs and I can NEVER stop listening to the soundtrack I listened to it 3 days straight!!!!!!!! It was so GOOD!!!!!!!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Arty on 4th January 2009

Great piano scores.

Rating Stars Reviewed by anne on 17th November 2008

The piano pieces are really great. It was just last week when I have seen the movie. Yeah, it was really late (knowing that the movie was shown last November 2007)! It's because I'm not informed about it (and also because I'm neither a Taiwanese nor a Chinese). I just dropped by in mysoju and clicked on The Secret. The movie and the soundtrack were really nice. When I'm in online, I listen to playlists containing the tracks in the movie. These pieces were relaxing to the ears and deeply touches the heart. I must say that despite some inconsistencies in the movie (e.g. Lu Xiao Yu managed to talk with the "other girl" in the time of Yie while Yie was having a piano battle in school -- this should not happen because Xiao Yu should be "invisible" to them except Yie [her destiny] and the janitor [who eavesdropped on Xiao Yu while talking to her teacher and probably the only person who believed in the Secret]) the film still made me cry.

I repeatedly play these tracks:
腳踏車 (Bike) (jiao ta che), 早操 (Morning Exercise) (zao cao), 淡水海邊 (Tam Shui Seaside) (dan shui hai bian), 湘倫小雨四手聯彈 (Jay And Rain's Piano Duet) (xiang lun xiao yu si shou lian tan), 晴天娃娃 (Teru Teru Bozu) (qing tian wa wa), 路小雨 (Lu Xiao Yu) (lu xiao yu), Secret (Slow Version), Angel, 小雨寫立可白Ⅰ (Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 1) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅰ), 小雨寫立可白Ⅱ (Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 2) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅱ), Secret (Long and Fast Version), 琴房 (Piano Room) (qin fang), Ending, 不能說的秘密 (Secret) (bu neng shuo de mi mi)

Good luck and more power to Jay Chou. Hoping that he'll consider visiting the Philippines. :)

Rating Stars Reviewed by deanne on 18th August 2008

Has been on my playlist for months! The musical score is superb, specially if paired with the movie scenes :-)

Rating Stars Reviewed by sacha on 6th August 2008

Hi to everyone. I'm an Italian fan and just wanted to say that I saw thw film in Udine some months ago and I simply loved it! When I watched the movie I had no idea Jay composed the score, which in fact I found out just lately... it's so astounding and really REALLY awesome!! Thanks Jay for creating this music. My favourite ones are the Piano Battle and Bu Neng Shuo de Mi Mi. Bye, Sacha.

Rating Stars Reviewed by diana on 17th January 2008

forget to say this..



Rating Stars Reviewed by diana on 17th January 2008

the first time i heard (well, actually read) about this movie is from Galaxie magazine. I don't know why i put it far behind the back of my head that i will watch it no matter what. Maybe the pic was attractive or the synopsis caught my attention. At last juz a few days b4, i watched it. For the first time in my life, i felt so addicted to a film so much i couldn't sleep and eat properly (i'm not exaggerating). Maybe i'm juz plain obsessed but honestly, i juz couldn't stop thinking abt it. Such a perfect, great, remarkable... movie. Thanks jay chou 4 making the most beautiful movie ever. and if the co-star Kwan Lu Mei ever had the chance to read this, i wanted so much to tell her that she is the most beautiful, talented and unforgetable chinese actress i had ever seen. And JAy Chou, if only i could steal your hands (so tht i could play piano like u) u'r brains (hahaha..~evil laughter~) then my life will be complete n i can rest in peace. Hate u for disturbing my tranquil life with your beautiful movie.. but it was an experience i'll never forget.. Thanks soooo much..

Rating Stars Reviewed by arseneselle on 7th January 2008

Jay Chou is the greatest singer at his ages that I haven't seen before!! I love your songs so much.. Well, I'm not sure if you'll read this review, for knowing that your english not well (!?!?!?)

Your songs I love : Cai Hong, Qing Tian, Ai Qiang Xuan Ya, Ni Ting De Dao, Ting mama de Hua.

I hope Jay's talents can always be more and more, and I wish he'll be modest!

Rating Stars Reviewed by fy48k on 22nd November 2007

really like the phrase "cold coffee" leavin the coaster:)

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