Pandamen (熊貓人) (xiong mao ren)

Pandamen (熊貓人) (xiong mao ren)

Release Date: 11th February 2010

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Jay Chou

Cast: Jay Chou, Yuhao, Devon Song

Jay Chou's first attempt at directing a TV series with a super hero twist. Pandamen is about heroes who both wear panda masks to conceal their identity. They are played by Jay's good friends Devon Song and Yuhao respectively. The drama lasts 29 episodes, each episode made with the highest production value.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Alison Tristram on 26th November 2011

Managed to get the complete series, on DVD, recently and I've got 4 episodes left to watch - had a bit of a Pandamen marathon over the last few days :0)

Panda Heroic is my favourite...the big blonde haircut and his "disguise" is a cape and half a mask - compared to Panda Supermans full outfit.

Can't wait to see how it all ends.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Min-ryoung Kim on 4th June 2011

I agree with wyllym. I liked almost all of the characters in this TV series.

'Pandamen' were not perfect, but not meaningless....

Rating Stars Reviewed by wyllym on 20th March 2011

I really really like them.

There were very many genuinely funny scenes.

I'm not too keen on 'action' series or movies especially as the action is often at the expense of developing the characters.

The characters here were very likable. I enjoyed the series very much and look forward to other projects where Jay has more artistic control.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 5th March 2011

honestly , not nice... but ^^ at least Jay Chou tried... So 5 stars...

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