On The Run (我很忙) (wo hen mang)

On The Run (我很忙) (wo hen mang)

Release Date: 2nd November 2007

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Jay Chou's eighth album, this album marks a significant change in style for Jay Chou. For the first time he experiments with country music, using it in his title track "Cowboy Is Very Busy". However he still persists with his own style for the rest of the album. This album more than any other reflects Jay Chou's life.

1. Cowboy Is Very Busy (牛仔很忙) (niu zai hen mang)
2. Rainbow (彩虹) (cai hong)
3. Chinese Flower Pot (青花瓷) (qing hua ci)
4. Sunshine Homeboy (陽光宅男) (yang guang zhai nan)
5. Dandelion's Promise (蒲公英的約定) (pu gong ying de yue ding)
6. Unparalleled (無雙) (wu shuang)
7. I'm Not Worthy (我不配) (wo bu pei)
8. Babbling (扯) (che)
9. Sweet (甜甜的) (tian tian de)
10. The Longest Movie (最長的電影) (zui chang de dian ying)

Rating Stars Reviewed by jay the best on 15th December 2012

this is Jay the best album, love every song.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

From my favorite :-
On the scale of 5
1)彩虹 - 5

2)青花瓷 - 5

3)最长的电影 - 5

4)牛仔很忙 - 5

5)我不配 - 5

6)蒲公英的約定 - 4.5

7)甜甜的 - 4.5

8)無雙 - 4.5

9)陽光宅男 - 4.5

10) 扯 - 4

Comment : I love every song of this album...

Rating Stars Reviewed by JuvJIELUN on 6th September 2010

This is one of my favorite of Jay because i just love all of the songs in this album...
He has this great talent to create and compose songs that are unbelievable and unexpected, he's just amazing
love this album, two thumbs up! :)

Rating Stars Reviewed by tom on 13th March 2010

Just my personal opinion

1. 牛仔很忙 (Cowboy Is Very Busy) (niu zai hen mang)
2. 彩虹 (Rainbow) (cai hong)
3. 青花瓷 (Chinese Flower Pot) (qing hua ci)
4. 陽光宅男 (Sunshine Homeboy) (yang guang zhai nan)
5. 蒲公英的約定 (Dandelion's Promise) (pu gong ying de yue ding)
6. 無雙 (Unparalleled) (wu shuang)
7. 我不配 (I'm Not Worthy) (wo bu pei)
8. 扯 (Babbling) (che)
9. 甜甜的 (Sweet) (tian tian de)
10. 最長的電影 (The Longest Movie) (zui chang de dian ying)

totals 85/100 so 85% 4.5/5

Rating Stars Reviewed by Arty on 4th January 2009

This is my favorite album and I like all of the songs. Unlike the other albums, every song was great. I felt that he spent a lot of time on this one in particular, because he didn't have an extremely busy schedule. Capricorn wasn't as great as this one probably because he had a busy schedule with all of his concerts. Anyways, I recommend this album.

Rating Stars Reviewed by tweety on 2nd November 2008

Anyone knows if there's a compilation of MVs for this album?

Rating Stars Reviewed by Anonymous on 30th August 2008

I personally loved this album. It gives him a fresh new personality so people don't think he's all cold </3. All the songs have a new kick to his older classical ones, and I reccomend it a lot! =]

Rating Stars Reviewed by Jay chou is no doubt a man and not a woman. on 24th January 2008

Jay chou is no doubt a man and not a woman.
Jay chou is no doubt a singer not a dancer

Rating Stars Reviewed by jayfreak on 8th December 2007

This is the 8th album of Jay Chou.

Up: There is a trying of new style from track 1. A new experiment and refreshing idea from Jay. There is a an-jing like style for track 10. There is a improvement in rap combined with electronic music for track 8. And good pure Jay R & B from track 7 which is not seen in his previous last 2 albums. Track 9 a very cute song is a little bit unlike cool Jay but nonetheless it turned out well.

Overall, I feel this album surpassed the previous 3 albums. It contains new ideas and yet has songs that we really want from Jay, those class Jay styles such as track 7. Almost all the tracks in this album can be hits!

Down: Nowadays sadly, the instruments from the credits reflect that Jay doesn't really play the piano or guitar or instruments in his albums any longer. Probably he also needs to spend more time working on his next album as this album really sounds a bit rushed in the details of the music, that explains the title of this album!

Rating Stars Reviewed by zhangningrui on 22nd November 2007

i neither speak nor read mandarin but i guess d music does all its talking n d emotions do come through.
been listening to jay for years, n i believe he's getting better.
i love all the songs (track 3 caught my ears 1st n do listen to track 9 in the morning- it'll lift u up..)
i agree there's more 'sunshine' in this one..cud b jay's happier when composing..perhaps.. ;)

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