Kung Fu Dunk (功夫灌籃) (gong fu guan lan)

Kung Fu Dunk (功夫灌籃) (gong fu guan lan)

Release Date: 28th March 2008

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Chu Yen Ping and Tony Ching

Cast: Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Eric Tsang, Berlin Chen

Based on the popular Japanese manga Slam Dunk, Kung Fu Dunk is a mixture of basketball elements from the manga and Chinese kung fu.

Rating Stars Reviewed by jcfan on 22nd August 2012

love this movie & love him too

Rating Stars Reviewed by nugo on 13th August 2011

I feel that this movie gets too much crap, because people look at the basketball scenes too much and try to analyze them as the whole movie.

I would know as I did this the first time I saw it, but after watching a second time I realised the true feeling behind the movie.

There are these parts of drama between all the action that just changed my whole view of the movie! They were really beautiful and had just the perfect music. It really makes me wish that this was purely a drama and not just half and half.

However this movie is amazing!

Rating Stars Reviewed by janl on 20th February 2011

I quite enjoyed this movie, but not for the basketball. What got me was the underlying story of Jay's character and his understated acting style in conveying emotions, especially the part about his 'parents' at the basketball match and when he met his real Dad. I was moved to tears.

As well, Eric Tsang was brilliant and the kungfu scenes well-executed.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 16th December 2010


Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

Not bad but the story line is not that interesting... Jay act well^^... 无与伦比 为杰沉沦...

Rating Stars Reviewed by Simonack on 13th June 2010

Didn`t like this movie, there was no real story behind it and the CG was pretty bad.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Chin-Rui Chou on 6th August 2009

Jay Chou is awesome and he is not to blame for the poor quality of this failed Shaolin Soceer Wannabe.
B4 I launch into the bad news, here are the good elements of the film:

There is an awesome Jay Chou V.S 50 guys in a bar Kung Fu fight scene tat cant be missed.

The end scene is sort of sad.

Jay Chou is epic as usual


Thats it. the bad news. This movie is dreadful and you just watch Jay's fight scene and ignore the rest. Directed by probably Taiwan's worst film director (notorious for a collection of poorly received films), Kung Fu Dunk is fun but sadly a bit too fun. Featuring a lineup of renowned music artists and actors from Taiwan and Hong Kong, it nevertheless had a Mainland Chinese backdrop. The basketball team players including the lead captain were played by Taiwanese actors. Jay's mentor and love interest were from Hong Kong. The most baffling was to see everyone else, the reporters, commentators, Jay's ex-girlfriend(s), the spectators, were Mainland Chinese. While its not a bad thing, it really confuses the audience in regards to what country this was set in. The basketball court fight scene 'climax' (if u can call it a climax) was outrageously biased, too fake and over the top. While Jay's basketball dunking scenes were interesting, the basketball matches themselves were of confusing and really did not invoke tension. Too much 'fun' I guess. Oh yea and Charlene 'Asa' Choi only had something like 4 lines in the whole movie. And she was suppose to be the female lead. Ridiculous.
A wonderful cast is wasted on this lame Shaolin-Soccer copycat.

On a final note, Kung Fu Dunk was not a Hong Kong or Taiwanese production despite its cast.

This tale was written, produced and marketed by Mainland China. A country, despite a strong film industry, has little experience in making decent modern comedy films that impress.That explains why.

Remember, Jay Chou is not to blame for this.
Watch tat fight scene and the starting segments up to the point where he joins the basketball squad.
Then turn off your TV/PC and watch Secret (2007) or Initial D (2005) instead.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Jeric on 5th January 2009

This movie is terribly awesome!!
Good job Jay!!
Two thumbs up!!
Keep it up man!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Jess Lai on 29th December 2008

I really liked this film since I'm a fan of chinese kung fu too, so it was interesting for me to watch, it showed Jay's basketball skills since he likes playing the sport as a hobby. i also liked the story line also there was laughter in it, i like Jay's comedy especially when he was fighting off the bad guys.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Horus on 9th December 2008

One of the best movie, I've seen for a long time.

The movie is fast paced so that you'll never get bored of it.

It combines actions with comedy, but with more emotions and depth that the viewers can feel.

I wish Jay can act in more of these type of movies.

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