Jay Chou 2007 World Tour Concert Live

Jay Chou 2007 World Tour Concert Live

Release Date: 4th February 2008

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

On the back of his latest album On The Run, Jay Chou releases a live CD+DVD of his world tour started in 2007. The package features many of his hit songs from the past 2 years. As a special bonus the CD includes the newest single "Hero Chou", which is the theme song to the hit movie "Kung Fu Dunk".

Rating Stars Reviewed by DLP on 23rd November 2010

As an original "rocker' from the 50's, I was interested to see what Chinese music was doing when I went to teach English in Wenzhou in 2005. Western music had lost its appeal for me, and it was then that I discovered Jay Chou.
This guy is fantastic! He could be a real superstar in the west if he could only produce his songs in English. He has charisma, charm, talent, and even though some of the moves are derivative from American hip hop, the Chinese ability to dress them up, to create something unique is very much to the fore. More power to Jay - keep on Rocking!

Australian Poet
David Lewis Paget

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

Never disappointed before...

Rating Stars Reviewed by JuvJIELUN on 26th August 2010

I think that his concerts get better and better everytime
He keeps doing things that we were not expecting, in a good way
i just love what he does

Rating Stars Reviewed by Arty on 4th January 2009


Rating Stars Reviewed by Jess Lai on 30th December 2008

Oh my god! this was the best ever concert i have ever seen, especially
comparing it to the ones i have been to in england, this was just amazing. the set design, outfits, dance routines, speacial guests, playing instruments and other special features Jay brought in was breathtaking. i really enjoyed it and watched it at least 6 times lol it's just so interesting, no wonder the tickets for the concert sold out, it really was worth it! :)

i really can't wait to go to one of his concerts in the future!!!

well done Jay keep up the great work. :)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Anonymous on 30th August 2008

Jay is very talented, and this is definitely one of his best live concerts. I enjoyed it really much, from the lighting and designing to the singing itself. It is something you cannot miss watching. 10 Stars for sure! :)

Rating Stars Reviewed by shenna on 2nd April 2008

I love Jay Chou very much!!
He is so talente!! I love his voice, his voice is really goood, he can play many instrument and i love his dancing...^.^ Jay is very cool, and all of the songs in his concert are awesome.

Hero Chou: I like the song very much!!
Good Job Jay !!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Debbue on 21st February 2008

This music extravaganza is a feast for the eyes with the special effects, lightings and costumes. Jay shines in his own element as he plays the piano, guitar and even performs some tricks with the diabolo. The multi-talented superstar also showcases his dancing skills. I would have given it ten stars if not for the fact that he forgot his lyrics too often, he's also very capable of infecting the crowd and for that I give him 9 stars

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