Initial J

Initial J

Release Date: 31st August 2005

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Jay Chou's first step into the Japanese market, with the title inspired by Initial D which had a movie starring Jay. The album consists of a selection of hits from all his albums. It also contains the theme song for the movie Initial D.

1.All The Way North (一路向北) (yi lu xiang bei)
2.Nun-Chuks (雙截棍) (shuang jie gun)
3.Lovable Woman (可愛女人) (ke ai n� ren)
4.The Final Battle (最後的戰役) (zui hou de zhan yi)
5.Double Blade (雙刀) (shuang dao)
6.Ninja (忍者) (ren zhe)
7.In The Name Of The Father (以父之名) (yi fu zhi ming)
8.Black Humour (黑色幽默) (hei se you mo)
9.My Territory (我的地盤) (wo de di pan)
10.East Wind Breaks (東風破) (dong feng po)
11.Common Jasmin Orange (七里香) (qi li xiang)
12.Drifting (飄移) (piao yi)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

From my Favorite song :-
On the scale of 5
1)可愛女人 - 5

2)七里香 - 5

3)黑色幽默 - 5

4)最後的戰役 - 5

5)我的地盤 - 5

6)以父之名 - 5

7)雙截棍 - 5

8)東風破 - 5

9)雙刀 - 4.5

10)飄移 - 4.5

11)一路向北 - 4.5

12)忍者 - 4.5

Comment : Beyond Godlike

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