Initial D (頭文字 D) (tou wen zi D)

Initial D (頭文字 D) (tou wen zi D)

Release Date: 25th August 2005

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Andrew Lau, Alan Mak

Cast: Jay Chou, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Jordan Chan, Anthony Wong, Chapman To, Anne Suzuki, Kenny Bee

For five years, 18-year-old Takumi has been delivering tofu in his father's obsolescent Toyota AE86 every morning. Not only has he become a good racer, but he has also unwillingly perfected the art of drifting.
He was never an aficionado of hill racing until he is asked to drive his AE86 in a David and Goliath race against Night Kid's GTR. A glorious but unexpected victory awakens the competitive genes in his blood, while his overnight fame inevitably leads to hellraising races one after another, each one more perilous and exciting than the previous one.

Rating Stars Reviewed by jcfan on 22nd August 2012

i love this movie. jay chou looks very cool here. love him too

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

Jay is cute when he speak cantonese^^...

Rating Stars Reviewed by Simonack on 13th June 2010

Great live action adaptation of the anime. I just wish that they would make another one to continue the story. :(

Rating Stars Reviewed by simbo on 28th October 2008

Jay chous first film. in one of the main characters.
verdict? really good. suppose how hard can it be to play an emotionaless guy.

the film itself isnt really good. compared to the anime series. it is really cut down and the storyline is abit rubbish.

overall 8.5/10

Rating Stars Reviewed by shibumi on 28th December 2007

As a vehicle for Jay's foray into acting Initial D was a good choice. The film is multi layered. On the most superficial level it is racing film with powerful cars being disguised metaphors for male sexual prowess and racing the adolescent rivalry that defines manhood at that stage. It also looks at what motivates people to succeed or to give up on their dreams and the bitter-sweet experience of first love and betrayal.

Two scenes stand out in the film in terms of Jay's acting. The first being when Jay's character, Takumi, is beaten by his father. The reaction portrays the pain of dealing with someone you love abusing you and not being able to or want to retaliate. The second scene is the last one with his girlfriend when Takumi realises what she has done. The dawning understanding of the betrayal is not just in his face but his whole body. The final and irrevocable decision Takumi makes about the relationship is conveyed without a word. Jay also has a talent for underplayed comedy as shown in the sometimes humorous exchange between the father and son.

The split screen shots of the racing and innovative filming adds to its excitement. If you are looking for an atypical racing film with a slightly different ending than expected I recommend it.

Rating Stars Reviewed by CHANGSTER on 28th July 2007

I thought that this movie was a great racing movie. The storyline did not completely follow the Initial D anime, but it had elements from it. Those elements make this movie a great movie. Think about it; it would be impossible or nearly impossible to fit all of the features of the Initial D anime into this movie. So, that's why this movie is a great movie.



Rating Stars Reviewed by Kari-Kun on 13th January 2007

I really liked this movie.

I think they did a great job.
The music is fabulous.
So If you really liked the movie, I suggest to anyone to get the music soundtrack too.

Although, personally, I think that the Anne Suzuki didn't exactly fit the role of Takumi's girlfriend, but that's just my opinion.

I'd highly recommend this movie.
The races were intense and the cars swerving back and forth were really good.

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