Incomparable Concert Live

Incomparable Concert Live

Release Date: 2nd February 2005

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

After the great success of his last concert tour The One, Jay is back with his latest concert tour Incomparable. The DVD features 29 tracks of all his famous hits. As with the live CD there are the cover versions of Jolin Tsai's Rewind, Zhang Zhen Yue's Love Me Then Don't Leave and Nan Quan Mama's Disintegrate. Not featured on the live CD is the duet between Jay and Landy Win of the song Wish Me A Happy Birthday. Solo songs by guess performers Nan Quan Mama and Landy Win are also included.

Rating Stars Reviewed by fluffythepen on 8th July 2010

I really liked this concert, there weren't too many dancers, and there was CONFETTI! XD The opening - the way how Jay entered the stage - was truly phenominal. I really liked how Jay entered the stage not left, right, nor bottom, but he slowly came down from the top! The piano wasn't as cool as the piano in the 2007 concert, but it was still okay.

The thing that restrained me from giving this concert 10 stars was that I got a crappy CD... there was a behind the scenes but when you clicked it nothing would happen -___-

Rating Stars Reviewed by Sall on 10th February 2009

I love this concert, even more than Jay's 2007 concert coz I feel that the recording of this concert is better, more of Jay than the crowd. There was more interaction of Jay with the crowd too. I love the way Jay changed the lyris of "Go back to the past" to express his appreciation of his fans coming to see him. An awsome concert and truly "Incomparable".

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