Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲)

Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲)

Release Date: 27th January 2006

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

This EP coincides with the movie Huo Yuan Chia (Fearless) starring Jet Li, the EP features the theme song as well as the live cover version of Waste Of Space which Jay wrote for Jordan Chan. Accompanying the EP is all the music videos for the tracks in November's Chopin as well as the music video for track 1. The theme song follows Jay's style of mixing Chinese music, Chinese martial arts and western music.

1.Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲) (huo yuan chia)
2.Waste Of Space (獻世) (xian shi)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

霍元甲 best of the best

Rating Stars Reviewed by tom on 13th March 2010

1.Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲) (huo yuan chia)
2.Waste Of Space (獻世) (xian shi)

18/20 90% so 4.5/5

Rating Stars Reviewed by takajo on 23rd April 2009

Thank You

Rating Stars Reviewed by Ryuyi on 5th March 2007

Huo Yuan Chia is an incredible song. It uses western and eastern instruments, the Er Hu is definitely my favorite part in the song. Plus the song uses a modern approach with the rap and at the same time a more classical approach with the Peking Opera.

It is amazing how the blend of new-old and west-east turns out to be so good.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Roberta Sien on 21st January 2007


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