Hidden Track (尋找周杰倫) (xun zhao zhou jie lun)

Hidden Track (尋找周杰倫) (xun zhao zhou jie lun)

Release Date: 16th January 2004

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Director: Anbrey Lam

Cast: Jay Chou, Shawn Yue, Pou Lok Tung, Deep Ng, Chen Ching Hsiang, Daniel Wu, David Ng, Denise Ho, Emme Wong

Young girl Pu Pu, who has been given up by her boyfriend, was given hope when she heard Jay Chou's limited edition song "Hidden Track". Pu Pu decides to go to Hong Kong to search for Jay Chou's album hoping to recapture that burning feeling and her bright yet distant dream in her life.

Rating Stars Reviewed by janl on 3rd April 2011

Quirky flick, made more bearable by the use of Jay's music. Ending was abit befuddling but gosh, didn't Mr Chou look great?? Especially his hair...! ;)

Rating Stars Reviewed by fluffythepen on 18th December 2010

maybe it was because I was really tired that day, but when I watched it on TV, it seemed really plain and cheesy... the most entertaining part for me was with Jay and the candy machine thing... but that's it

Rating Stars Reviewed by Jeric on 9th January 2009

Great movie!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by simbo on 27th October 2008

jay chou plays a cameo role in this film.
he plays like 2 minutes of the last few minutes of the film.
however the film itself is pretty decent. if ur into the romance. well to my opinion its decent. but im not really into my romance lol

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