Hidden Track EP (尋找周杰倫 EP) (xun zhao zhou jie lun EP)

Hidden Track EP (尋找周杰倫 EP) (xun zhao zhou jie lun EP)

Release Date: 12th November 2003

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

This EP coincides with Jay's debut guest appearance on the silver screen in the movie also titled Hidden Track. Track 1 is the theme song for this movie and track 2 is an interlude. Not only does the EP come with the two tracks, it also comes with the karaoke versions of the two songs as well as all the music videos from Jay's previous album Ye Hui Mei. The strange letters vmp6513 5. ru,6xjp are the letters typed in to get the Chinese words for the title.

1.Orbit (軌跡) (gui ji)
2.Broken String (斷了的弦) (duan le de xian)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Rurubug on 26th January 2014

I love this...

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