Fantasy Plus

Fantasy Plus

Release Date: 21st December 2001

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Fantasy Plus is an EP consisting of three live tracks from Jay Chou's Fantasy Show concert. The three tracks are songs he wrote for other artists. Track 1 was written for Valen Hsu, 2 was for Jacky Wu and 3 was for SBDW. The EP also includes the music videos for every song on Fantasy and Fantasy Plus.

1.Snail (蝸牛) (gua niu)
2.You Are Happier Than In The Past (你比從前快樂) (ni bi cong qian kuai le)
3.End Of The World (世界末日) (shi jie mo ri)

Editor's Review

Rating Stars Reviewed by kelvin on 9th October 2006

Track01 - This is not a song Jay original sang. He said he feels this song has a lot of meaning. I think this song is very slow and I think it talks about people. The snail is people and we have to climb the mountain of life.

Track02 - This is a song Jay wrote for Jacky Wu. I think it is good but way too short. It is about Jay and his former girlfriend. She does not care about him anymore and he feels really hurt by this. This song probably sounds better when it is not live.

Track03 - This is another Jay written but not sang song. It is about the end of the world and how he tries to test himself to see if it is real. I think Jay's performance of this song is brilliant and he gives the song so much feeling.

Overall - I think this is a great EP but it could have done with some more songs. It is worth buying just because you basically get the Fantasy album with it as you get all the MTVs.

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