Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) (jing tan hao)

Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) (jing tan hao)

Release Date: 11th November 2011

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

The 11th album from Jay Chou, playing on 1s and exclamation marks, the album was released on the special date of 11/11/11 and has 11 songs. In this album Jay Chou presents a variety of music styles, everything from rap to opera, giving each style his own unique twist.

1. Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) (jing tan hao)
2. Enchanting Melody (迷魂曲) (mi hun qu)
3. Mine Mine
4. Princess Syndrome (公主病) (gong zhu bing)
5. How Are You? (你好嗎) (ni hao ma)
6. Healing Roast Meat Dumplings (療傷燒肉粽) (liao shang shao rou zong)
7. Piano Hurt (琴傷) (qin shang)
8. Sailors Afraid Of Water (水手怕水) (shui shou pa shui)
9. The World's Not Over Yet (世界未末日) (shi jie wei mo ri)
10. Shadow Puppetry (皮影戲) (pi ying xi)
11. Super Sports Goddess (超跑女神) (chao pao nü shen)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Lin on 14th October 2012

A huge letdown for classic fans. The biggest reason why I was a fan of Jay Chou was because something in his music was able to resonate, it created nostalgia on topics I didn't even know were possible. His lyricist was also pretty awesome. But nowdays it seems like he's conforming to the mainstream style, the auto tone threw me off. I still can't get over that.

Rating Stars Reviewed by ckchoi on 2nd July 2012

the autotune is a big let down for me (oldie)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Angel on 29th May 2012

overall, the album is not as great as his previous albums.
For a long time, I came to realize I fell in love with the melodies and not the lyrics (because I just read them recently and I ask myself, how did this become so great in the melodies?). So I will discuss mostly about the melodies.

The first few tracks in the album leave me no impression. I only started to get excited around Qin Shang. After that song, all the melodies are very interesting.

I especially love it when he incorporated traditional chinese elements and classical opera singing into the songs. It become a good blend of modern and tradition, which is a instant hit for me.

Sailor afraid of water is very catchy. Definitely very catchy though the lyric lost me if i had not seen the MV. The chorus is to die for. It is cute and devilish

The rest of the tracks have memorable melodies, but no big impression. I still prefer songs from his old albums, such as nocturne, chrysanthemum, and the herbalist.

Rating Stars Reviewed by JimmiJJ on 3rd February 2012

All in all, quite good; however I think I still prefer his old, non-autotune's a new twist to his style but his natural voice seems better, even with the falsetto. Hope he continues making songs similar to "World is Not Going to End" and the vibrant ones like "Super Sport Car Goddess" and "Sailor's Afraid of Water."

Rating Stars Reviewed by jay bs on 30th January 2012

if think it's a good album, but a little let down for the one's who been with you form the start. but still found some gem ( piano hurt, sailord afraid of water and the timbaland style super sports goddess). but i still don't know about shadow pupperty it depends of the day.
still at the end, solid work

Rating Stars Reviewed by 118 on 22nd January 2012

Overall, around the same level as his last 2 albums- some are gems, others..less so.
I've followed Jay since his first release, and don't get me wrong-I love Jay and his music- but these last three albums have been more about proving to the media/critics that he can do new styles than creating classics like the ones from his previous albums.
I hate long reviews.. so here are one sentence summaries of the tracks:

1. Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號)
Someone said this already, but it's the same movie-theme that the last albums have started with, cool intro, loud rock-esque music, standard lyrics.
2. Enchanting Melody (迷魂曲)
Really interesting melody, but I got tired of it quickly, not his best on this album, for sure.
3. Mine Mine
我不配 was much better, this is, honestly, the worst dissappointment on the album, I believe new fans will really enjoy it, but older fans of Jay's will not- I skip this when it shuffles on my ipod.
4. Princess Syndrome (公主病)
Fun, catchy, some think it's better than 陽光宅男, I'd say they're about on par, it depends on my mood for this one.
5. How Are You? (你好嗎)
A bit minimalist, but I loved 說了再見, and like 說了再見, this is a song you can turn on in the background and listen to over and over.
6. Healing Hot Meat Buns (療傷燒肉粽)
A bit repetitive, but fun, though I did get tired of it more quickly than some of the other tracks.
7. Piano Hurt (琴傷) (qin shang)
Some people say this takes a few tries before you start to like it-but it was an instant hit for me, this song is a gem, its very Jay.
8. Sailors Afraid Of Water (水手怕水)
Another kid-ish song, following 牛仔很忙 and 魔術先生, cute and fun to listen to, though nothing terribly special.
9. The World's Not Over Yet (世界未末日)
It's a tough call on whether this or 琴傷 is this best on the album, though I think this wins by a bit, it's really a treasure.
10. Shadow Puppetry (皮影戲)
Good, not great, fun to listen to when my ipod shuffles it, though it's tiring after a while, a huge let-down that this has the only Zhongguo Feng on the album.
11. Super Sports Goddess (超跑女神)
Catchy, it's a good song for playing in the background, but nothing that stands out.

Overall: 8/10
Good for newcommers to Jay's music, but probably a let-down for most older fans (not old..just long-term me~).

Rating Stars Reviewed by stella71091 on 18th January 2012

For me, this is very good indeed...once again Jay have prove to his fans and the critics that he can do any song.... There's no doubt he's not just an idol, but he's a STAR. The greatest actual star that asia ever have. Nobody can be compared with him....

Rating Stars Reviewed by chie on 9th January 2012

Like the other fellow fans of jay, I'm still a newbie, I become a fan of him like a year now and i discovered a lot things about him and his genius music :D

Reviewing this latest album is really a tough job because based from my observation, I think some of his fans dislike this album because of the modern pop style. I agree that it is really different from his previous albums, but one thing is for sure that he really chose to make this... because now, pop music is in and our mandopop king will never let himself get behind with this new trend.. so here he goes, making the exclamation mark.

1. Exclamation Mark- at first, i used to dislike this because it is so rockish.. but when i played it over over.. it really rockedme out! better that kua shi dai and wu shang in terms of the "rockish sound" It has a lot of instrumental part and.......... the raps is lessened :D I somehow imagine it playing in the guitar hero... it will be a sure hit!

2.Enchanting Melody- Is a house or club music! It is like "come on let's party!" I envision it with lots of girls because the music sounds like in the club. But it turned out to be different... it is somehow a thief there. I dunno what he was thinking.. in other words.. hearing it first... I LOVE IT! I never knew that he is good in making in club music.

3. Mine Mine- Sounds like wo bu pei! This song made me stayed the whole night just to watch the sneak peak of the song but just turned out to be like wo bu pei. It is like a mash up of that song.. I fell in love with the lyrics because jay himself made it and of course composed the melody. I never though that he will be more dramatic with this.. reminiscing his past loves! just kidding! Surely he experienced it that's why he was inspired making this.

4. Princess Syndrome- My favorite song in the album. It is not because it sounded like sunshine boy but because the song has a positive outlook for me :D it has a nice melody. It is very positive! haha! Full of pink stuffs! and hello kitties!

5.How are you- I fell in love at this song because it is better that shuo le zai jian :D it has a cool effect and jay's voice is awesome. This song is the only ballad here and he didn't fail with that.

6. Healing Hot meat buns- another positive song period. It is like dao xiang.

7.Piano Hurt- I think I'm weird because I love jay's weird songs like this. It has a classical aura for me and it sounds nice! he added the Turkish march and it was awesome.

8. Sailor Afraid of the water- Is a sure hit for me! the song sounds "kiddie" and very jolly! about the melody...... awesome! because of the ragtime tune. Really genius in music!

9. The World is not ending- become one of my favorite songs in album. This is really jay's style! and it took me to look several attempts to just to get the lyrics of this :D I love singing this song.

10. Shadow puppetry- I really dance this! haha! it rocked me out! every time i hear this, it feels like i like to dance.

11. Super sports goddess- lots of gals! i love the tune. pretty much like rnb :D

all in all, very different from his previous album but music standards never changed :D

Rating Stars Reviewed by dizzy888 on 3rd January 2012

I have been a Jay Chou fan for almost 1 year now. When discovering him, I found a whole new world of music that I never knew existed a culture worth exploring and a person that inspires me.

As this is my first new album as a NEW fan of Jay's. I have found it to be a very positive, fun and happy album which I listen to daily. Its like a FIRST love and with older fans...think of when you first fell in love with his music, how you felt...that's how I am feeling right now.

1. Exclaimation Mark - Awesome Metal tune and MV anime is over the top!!

2. Ecstasy - Makes you think and reminds me of law of attraction type stuff. MV is very James Bond.

3. Mine Mine - My favorite track, puts me in a trance and calms my nerves. MV is never boring to watch over and over!!! The dance moves, piano, leopard print and thank you, thank you for the ENGLISH in it. What a gift!!!

4. Princess Syndrome - Fun jumpy tune, makes me happy and makes me go faster on the elliptical.

5. How are you? - Love the intro music very elegant and the range of Jay's voice. MV like a mini asian drama. Love the locations it was shot at and the emotion you feel while watching it. (good memories of past love)

6. Healing Hot Meat Buns - Easy listening and love to hear it while driving.

7. Piano Hurt - Love the piano solo...classical.

8. Sailor Afraid of Water - Unique, hyper and fun. I love how Jay tries new and different things to entertain his audience, he got me on this one!!! MV looks like they had fun and I love how all his friends and workers are in it. Team building!

9. The World is NOT Ending - A reminder that you should live life to the fullest everyday. Awesome MV!!!

10. Shadow Puppetry - Its all over the place, but it works!! The MV looked like they were just having fun.

11. Super Sports Goddess - Great tune, love listening and dancing to this song. MV is every guys dream really, hot cars and women. Then waking up to reality with your furry friend!

Rating Stars Reviewed by Prototype93 on 30th December 2011

Track 1 : The song is introduced with a blend of drums, electric guitar and some siren.A very nice intro though, like those previously in kua shi dai and long zhan qi shi. Overall, this song is good. However ,this song's chorus isn't as good as long zhan qi shi and kua shi dai.
Kua Shi Dai > Long Zhan Qi Shi > Jin Tan Hao.

Track 2 : Holy, mother of god. This is the first song that i liked when it was played. I don't know why many people dislike this song, but i really love this song. Nice clubbing song.
Mi hun qu > xi ha kong jie

Track 3 : Simply, the best song in the whole album . Introduced in quite a similar way with gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian, and background matches wo bu pei. This song however has a overall weaker chorus compared to both songs mentioned but fits perfectly in this song. Hence, comparison of chorus-es could be neglected. When coming towards the end, ( mai mai part) ... It keeps spinning in my head. I love this part so much. The lyrics are simple and easily understood.
I now prefer this song compared to the 2 songs up there. Hence;
Mine Mine > Gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian = wo bu pei

Track 4 : Quite annoyed by the beginning when the girl talks. I don't find it cute. To make it simple :
Yang guang zhai nan > gong zhu bing overall

Track 5 : A very slow and sad song. Towards the end, Jay sings in a very high pitch, like in ge qian and fa ru xue. Awesome! But, after the chorus, i find it boring. Overall, the song is ok, but compared to shuo hao de xing fu ne, zui chang the dian ying and all those piano songs he composed, erm. Not very good though

Track 6 : Such a lovely song. I love the part when jay sings xio ba zhang. Gives me a warm and happy feeling when this song comes in to play.

Track 7: Holy, when i heard this song for the first time. It sounded so cool and i fell in love with this song. But when i realised that he adapted the background piece from mozart and tchaikovsky. I never liked this song anymore. It wasn't composed by Jay , but other pianist. Sad
Before 9.5/10
Now 7/10

Track 8 : At first, when i heard this song. I was so disappointed. I think that Jay screwed up this time. But when i kept playing it and watched the mv. Magic, I fell in love with this song. It's actually a nice song and a great improvement by Jay. Keep it up. Heard many critics about this song, so screw those people.
Hydrophobia Sailor > Niu Zhai hen mang > Mr magic

Track 9 : The second best song in the album. Same type of style with Secret but without the piano in the beginning. Love this song and the lyrics.

Track 10 : When i first heard this song, i never liked it. But when i repeat it, yes. Magic again, I fell in love with this song. Love every single part of the song. great attempt by Jay.

Track 11 : I just like the mv. In terms of this song, just Okay.
Much better than track 10 in the previous album.

Overall, this album is a great album. It lacks Zhong Guo Feng ( Argh. Miss it a lot ) And Gary Yang isn't inside it. WEEEEE!!!!
No offence but i don't like him duet-ing with Jay. I prefer this album compared to the previous one. But still imcomparable to Ye Hui Mei , Qi li xiang , November Chopin and Still fantasy.

Rating 9/10
Thank you.

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