Curse Of The Golden Flower (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)

Curse Of The Golden Flower (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)

Release Date: 8th December 2006

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

As the title suggests this is an EP for the big movie "Curse Of The Golden Flower" which stars Jay. The EP only contains two songs, the main theme song for the movie and also the piano version of the ending song. Also included is a DVD with 11 MVs from the last album and also the MV for the new song.

1. Golden Armour (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)
2. Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台) (ju hua tai) (piano version)

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

Curse of The Golden Flower is not that nice but Jay's song never disappoint me...

Rating Stars Reviewed by tom on 13th March 2010

Just my personal opinion

1. Golden Armour (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)
2. Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台) (ju hua tai) (piano version)

19/20 95% so 5/5

Rating Stars Reviewed by Arty on 4th January 2009

It's a great expansion, but it would have been nice if they had more songs in it. The two songs included are very nice though.

Rating Stars Reviewed by e-rotic on 2nd November 2008

For me, his best song so far, I absolutely loved this song since the first time i heard, is strong, addictive and a wonderful mix of cultures with all that beijing opera singin' mixed with the rap singin and the rock music with traditional chinese instruments.

I just want more of this! I hope Jay does this kind of songs again in future.

Rating Stars Reviewed by me!! on 23rd January 2008

ahhhhhhhhhh where do i get the song ahhhhhhhhh!?!?!!?!??

Rating Stars Reviewed by kellygirl on 12th November 2007

I just can't stop listening to his song!!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by shenna on 7th November 2007

Huang jin jia rock!!!!!!!
i love jay chou's song very much!!!

Rating Stars Reviewed by chloe on 3rd February 2007

very touching, few lyrics tells the whole story.
Got surprise all the time !!

Rating Stars Reviewed by derek on 24th December 2006

u rox jia you jay !!

Rating Stars Reviewed by chadx on 18th December 2006

huang jin jia... very rock
ju hua tai.. very touching

very match

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