Capricorn (魔杰座) (mo jie zuo)

Capricorn (魔杰座) (mo jie zuo)

Release Date: 15th October 2008

Overall Rating: Rating Stars

Jay Chou's ninth studio album, for the first time ever Jay Chou combines his interest in magic with his beloved music, the result is a fantastic album. With the theme of magic, cards figure significantly in the design of the album, from the first promotional poster to inspiration behind songs. Jay Chou wants to tell you the story of the battle between the Magician and the Joker. The title of the album in Chinese cleverly combines the three meanings - magic, Jay's name and the star sign Capricorn. All three are closely tied to Jay Chou himself. Magic is not the only theme of the album, the cover of the album, which took a month to complete, is based on a fantasy setting that is described in track 1.

1. Dragon Rider (龍戰騎士) (long zhan qi shi)
2. Give Me The Time For One Song (給我一首歌的時間) (gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian)
3. Snake Dance (蛇舞) (she wu)
4. Sea Of Flowers (花海) (hua hai)
5. Mr Magic (魔術先生) (mo shu xian sheng)
6. Where's The Promised Happiness (說好的幸福呢) (shuo hao de xing fu ne)
7. Lan Ting Preface (蘭亭序) (lan ting xu)
8. Wandering Poet (流浪詩人) (liu lang shi ren)
9. Time Machine (時光機) (shi guang ji)
10. Uncle Joker (喬克叔叔) (qiao ke shu shu)
11. Fragrance Of Rice (稻香) (dao xiang)

Rating Stars Reviewed by localmn on 6th November 2013

Uncle joker is the funniest song ever. Even though singing it with the translation is hard but it's awesome.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Bleemo on 1st April 2011

I also really like dragon rider the most too, and all the other ones, its too good to chose wich one is the best

Rating Stars Reviewed by Bleemo on 1st April 2011

WOW one of the best albums!!!! love it!!, sound so good. i like wandering poet the most

Rating Stars Reviewed by Just My Pride on 13th September 2010

Start from my favorite :-
On the scale of 5
1)稻香 - 5

2)说好的幸福呢 - 5

3)花海 - 5

4)给我一首歌的时间 - 4.5

5)蘭亭序 - 4.5

6)时光机 - 4.5

7)魔術先生 - 4.5

8)蛇舞 - 4

9)龍戰騎士 - 3.5

10) 喬克叔叔 - 3.5

11)流浪詩人 - 3.5

Rating Stars Reviewed by tom on 13th March 2010

just my personal opinion

1. 龍戰騎士 (Dragon Rider) (long zhan qi shi)
2. 給我一首歌的時間 (Give Me The Time For One Song) (gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian)
3. 蛇舞 (Snake Dance) (she wu)
4. 花海 (Sea Of Flowers) (hua hai)
5. 魔術先生 (Mr Magic) (mo shu xian sheng)
6. 說好的幸福呢 (Where's The Promised Happiness) (shuo hao de xing fu ne)
7. 蘭亭序 (Lan Ting Preface) (lan ting xu)
8. 流浪詩人 (Wandering Poet) (liu lang shi ren)
9. 時光機 (Time Machine) (shi guang ji)
10. 喬克叔叔 (Uncle Joker) (qiao ke shu shu)
11. 稻香 (Fragrance Of Rice) (dao xiang)

totals 87/110 or 79% so i'll give it 4/5

Rating Stars Reviewed by kawaiijack on 16th February 2010

I wouldn't say this was his worst nor his best. I liked it, not every song but there are a few great ones. Just like a lot of his other songs it takes more than hearing it once to start liking it. There was a little of everything and that's the way I like him to do it. I'm not asking much from Jay, I just want him to work a little bit harder on his upcoming album.

Rating Stars Reviewed by Chin-Rui Chou on 2nd September 2009

To tell you the truth, I was kind of disappointed when I bought my copy on the day it was released. Like Still Fantasy, half the album was rather mediocre. Sadly, I would have to say that this would be Jay's 'weakest' album. Nevertheless some good tracks saved the album from certain doom.

Best songs (high recommended) were:

The annoying exotic interludes almost killed this song but the tune itself is adrenaline-pumping and definitely worthy of a listen. The signature song of the album. A giant improvement on the signature song of the last album (Cowboy is Busy) which was probably his worst song.

(9/10) Highly acclaimed and not surprising really. I put this song in my personal 'Best of Jay Chou' album. It's one of my favourite Jay Chou love songs of all time and definitely one of his best.

(8/10) Nice rhythm and calming lyrics. A classical example from Jay.

(10/10) Again, probably the most acclaimed track of this album. An uplifting theme with a catchy melody, its a song that you wont get sick off. Puts you in a good mood when the times are tough.

Worst tracks of this album include: 喬克叔叔, 流浪詩人 (which is a duet with Gary and is in Taiwanese NOT Hokkien - they're similar but different), 蘭亭序 and 蛇舞. They're mediocre but not entirely horrible.

(Note: 流浪詩人 is in Taiwanese NOT HOKKIEN - they're similar but different. marucho8d7, you should go to Taiwan and live there for a year if you dont believe me. Taiwanese has elements of Japanese (about 15% of it) in it as well as a different accent than the Fujian language)

Now fingers-crossed and lets hope Jay can deliver his 2009 album before December.

Rating Stars Reviewed by marucho8d7 on 1st August 2009

Most people will agree this is Jay at his worst. Now, that may not necessarily be bad, but the album is certainly overshadowed by his previous works.

Track 01 龙战骑士
It's a decent rock track to start off the album that infuses hip-hop with a bit of hard rock. The instrumental work is slightly above average, but as a friend said, it doesn't sound much better after repeated listenings. Sadly, it's one of the better songs on the album. 8/10

Track 02 给我一首歌的时间
Maybe if the song was sung in a different way it would appeal to me. However there are sections where his voice is far from attractive, and somehow I feel irritated by the intro. I don't see why this song is so popular. 7/10

Track 03 蛇舞
In 2006 it was 本草纲目, and in 2007 it was 扯. While the song's instrumental work is decent, the track really pales in comparison to the previous two years' hip-hop songs. There is only one verse and one chorus, making the track very repetitive. And Lara is wasted on this track. 5/10

Track 04 花海
I hate the intro, and I hate the chorus, especially where he goes high and does that pseudo-vibrato thing. It's definitely one of if not Jay's weakest R&B songs. 5/10

Track 05 魔术先生
Following in the footsteps of 牛仔很忙, the track is terrible but is catchy after you listen to it. I can't even fully remember how to sing some of Jay's best songs, and I can do this one. *sigh* 5/10

Track 06 说好的幸福呢
And here we have the best song on the album. There's a little bit of electric guitar and strings, but most of it is piano. Unfortunately it doesn't rank very high among Jay's top R&B songs, and the first time I heard it, I thought it was somewhat similar to last year's 蒲公英的约定, which I loved. 9/10

Track 07 兰亭序
The 中国风 song of the album. However, it's probably Jay's weakest one. There's nothing too terrible about it, but it doesn't compare to what he conjured up before. 7/10

Track 08 流浪诗人
Another mediocre track on the album. Sure, it features someone, has harmonica, and uses Hokkien. But otherwise it doesn't impress me. 6/10

Track 09 时光机
At first I liked it, but now I think it's pretty mediocre too. I've gotten to hate Jay's cute voice, and because he uses it here, it ruins the song for me. 7/10

Track 10 乔克叔叔
The instrumental work here is terrific. And contrary to most people's opinions, this song is actually one of the better ones on the album because of its Latin feel. I think it's pretty good, but its appeal is probably very limited. 8/10

Track 11 稻香
And finally we have the 1st single of the album. It's simple, has meaning, and uses good instrumental work. However I don't like the chorus because he uses that cute-sy voice again. It's decent enough and is definitely popular. 8/10

Final Grade: C
Comments: Jay went fully mainstream on this one...and out of steam. Few tracks stand out, and most are either mediocre or terrible. What he needs to do is to shut up for a while and stop releasing an album each year. Take a two-year break, go on tour, and come back with something revolutionary. I want to see again what Jay did to the world during the Fantasy years.

Rating Stars Reviewed by girlazn91 on 11th May 2009

This is one of his best album ever!!! I love it! Support Jay Chou forever.

Rating Stars Reviewed by LoveJay on 23rd April 2009

It doesnt get much better than this!

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