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When I was little I played the piano, I sometimes felt happy and sometimes felt pressure. Later on in order to take the exam for music class in junior high (The teacher had class and was pretty) ps. The latter was my own reason. And so I learnt to play the cello, but afterwards I still didn't go to take the exam. So I stopped playing the piano and cello for a period of time. But privately I still played some pop songs (It was at this time when I came into contact relatively more with pop songs). I started to grasp melody and combining chords. I felt really happy, relaxed and not so much pressure. Later I studied music in high school. And once again it renewed my contact with classical music. At times classical, at times pop. Actually I started to write songs when I was in junior high, it's just that right now I think I must have been blind as an owl. Songs I thought were very diao back then, if you listen to it now, it might not be like what you thought it was like. I hope I can still admire myself in the future when I listen to this 'Jay Album', that I think is very diao right now.

[ Written by Jay from Jay Album and Translated by ]


General Information

English Name: Jay Chou
Chinese Name: 周杰倫
Nickname: Director Chou (周董)
Date of Birth: January 18, 1979
Place of Birth: Taiwan, Taipei
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Taiwan
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Horse
Horoscope: Capricorn
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Shoe Size: 10.5
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese
Education: 1997 High school (music major)
Weird Habit: Doesn't like wearing underwear
Strengths: Compose, write songs and play basketball
Music Instruments: Piano, cello, guitar, jazz drum
Family Situation: Only son, Father (Biology teacher), Mother (Middle School fine arts teacher)
Friends in the Industry: Luo Zhi Xiang (Xiao Zhu), Liu Geng Hong
Slogan: Diao bu diao (屌不屌)
Agent: Jacky Wu
Person he is most thankful to: Jacky Wu
Work Experience: 1997 DW Italian resturant piano player
Ambition before Releasing an Album: Piano teacher, music in movies
Jay Dislikes about Himself: He is shy and soft-hearted
Good Qualities: Strong ability to compose songs and write lyrics. The new e-generation musician


Favourite Sports: Basketball, exercise, practise nun-chuks
Dream when he was Little: To be Bruce Lee
First Love: The girl in next door's class in High School
The Type of Girl he Likes: Long haired, oval face, classic beauty
Favourite Comic: Doraemon
Favourite Movie: Any cartoon by Miyazaki Hayao
Favourite Music: R&B and hip-hop (actually he likes any kind of music)
Favourite Clothing: Natural, comfortable, hip-hop (Simple T-shirt and shorts, not much different to people on the street)
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Fried chicken, anything to do with chicken steak and chicken (he especially likes Hong Kong Tai Ping Guan's Swiss chicken wings), also he likes to drink sweet things
Favourite Musicians: Frederick Chopin, Li Si Te, YO-YO Ma
Favourite Actor/actress: Jet Li
Favourite Basketball Player: Michael Jordan
Favourite Artist: Usher, Babyface
Most Want to Visit Place: The feeling of France is very romantic, but if there's a chance he'll go to Shanghai or Beijing
Ambition: Travel to every corner of the world
Favourite Things: Cap, different kinds of musical instrument, black peoples' music, silverware, chewing gum
Collects: Sports shoes, caps and different metal plates (door plates, license plates and commercial boards)
Hobbies: Writing songs, watch movies, play basketball, play video games


Music Style: R&B
First Lyrics and Composition: In high school, song was called "Everlasting"
First Published Song: "Three Nights, Three Days"
First Individual Album: "Jay" published by BMG November 2000
Most Respected People: Maternal grandmother, mother, father
Best Writing Partner: Vincent Fang