Aiyo, Not Bad (哎呦,不錯哦) (ai yo, bu cuo)
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Aiyo, Not Bad (哎呦,不錯哦) (ai yo, bu cuo)

Release date: 29th December 2014
The long awaited 13th album of Jay Chou.

1. Mount Yangming (陽明山) (yang ming shan)
2. Steal Love (竊愛) (qie ai)
3. What Kind Of Man Are You (算什麼男人) (suan shen me nan ren)
4. Ends Of The Earth Passing Traveler (天涯過客) (tian ya guo ke)
5. What Happened (怎麼了) (zen me le)
6. Recited All In One Breath (一口氣全唸對) (yi kou qi quan nian dui)
7. I Want Summer (我要夏天) (wo yao xia tian)
8. The Handwritten Past (手寫的從前) (shou xie de cong qian)
9. Extra Large Shoes (鞋子特大號) (xie zi te da hao)
10. Listen To Father's Words (聽爸爸的話) (ting ba ba de hua)
11. Mermaid (美人魚) (mei ren yu)
12. Hearing The Sound Of Rain Falling (聽見下雨的聲音) (ting jian xia yu de sheng yin)
Opus 12 (12新作) (12 xin zuo)
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Opus 12 (12新作) (12 xin zuo)

Release date: 28th December 2012
Jay Chou's 12th album, everything about the album is linked to the number 12, from the title to the number of tracks. As promised Jay Chou meets you at the end of the world which never was.

1. Four Seasons Train (四季列車) (si ji lie che)
2. Sign Language (手語) (shou yu)
3. Eunuchs Tend To Have Headaches (公公偏頭痛) (gong gong pian tou tong)
4. Obviously (明明就) (ming ming jiu)
5. Giggle (傻笑) (sha xiao)
6. A Rather Large Cello (比較大的大提琴) (bi jiao da de da ti qin)
7. Love You No Different (愛你沒差) (ai ni mei cha)
8. Worldly Tavern (紅塵客棧) (hong chen ke zhan)
9. Dream Started (夢想啟動) (meng xiang qi dong)
10. Big Ben (大笨鐘) (da ben zhong)
11. You Are Everywhere (哪裡都是你) (na li dou shi ni)
12. Ukulele (烏克麗麗) (wu ke li li)
Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) (jing tan hao)
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Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) (jing tan hao)

Release date: 11th November 2011
The 11th album from Jay Chou, playing on 1s and exclamation marks, the album was released on the special date of 11/11/11 and has 11 songs. In this album Jay Chou presents a variety of music styles, everything from rap to opera, giving each style his own unique twist.

1. Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) (jing tan hao)
2. Enchanting Melody (迷魂曲) (mi hun qu)
3. Mine Mine
4. Princess Syndrome (公主病) (gong zhu bing)
5. How Are You? (你好嗎) (ni hao ma)
6. Healing Roast Meat Dumplings (療傷燒肉粽) (liao shang shao rou zong)
7. Piano Hurt (琴傷) (qin shang)
8. Sailors Afraid Of Water (水手怕水) (shui shou pa shui)
9. The World's Not Over Yet (世界未末日) (shi jie wei mo ri)
10. Shadow Puppetry (皮影戲) (pi ying xi)
11. Super Sports Goddess (超跑女神) (chao pao nü shen)
The Era (跨時代) (kua shi dai)
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The Era (跨時代) (kua shi dai)

Release date: 18th May 2010
Jay Chou's long awaited 10th album that coincides with his 10th year in the music business. A celebration of the incredible music this amazing artist has produced over the last decade. In this album he tries some new styles bringing a completely fresh and new side that listeners have not heard before.

1. The Era (跨時代) (kua shi dai)
2. Said Goodbye (說了再見) (shuo le zai jian)
3. Fireworks Cool Easily (煙花易冷) (yan hua yi leng)
4. Free Instructional Video (免費教學錄影帶) (mian fei jiao xue lu ying dai)
5. Long Time No See (好久不見) (hao jiu bu jian)
6. It Rains All Night (雨下一整晚) (yu xia yi zheng wan)
7. Hip Hop Air Hostess (嘻哈空姐) (xi ha kong jie)
8. I Weep. My Emotions Are In Bits And Pieces (我落淚。情緒零碎) (wo luo lei. qing xu ling sui)
9. Love's Flight Diary (愛的飛行日記) (ai de fei xing ri ji)
10. Directed And Acted By Yourself (自導自演) (zi dao zi yan)
11. Superman Can't Fly (超人不會飛) (chao ren bu hui fei)
Capricorn (魔杰座) (mo jie zuo)
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Capricorn (魔杰座) (mo jie zuo)

Release date: 15th October 2008
Jay Chou's ninth studio album, for the first time ever Jay Chou combines his interest in magic with his beloved music, the result is a fantastic album. With the theme of magic, cards figure significantly in the design of the album, from the first promotional poster to inspiration behind songs. Jay Chou wants to tell you the story of the battle between the Magician and the Joker. The title of the album in Chinese cleverly combines the three meanings - magic, Jay's name and the star sign Capricorn. All three are closely tied to Jay Chou himself. Magic is not the only theme of the album, the cover of the album, which took a month to complete, is based on a fantasy setting that is described in track 1.

1. Dragon Rider (龍戰騎士) (long zhan qi shi)
2. Give Me The Time For One Song (給我一首歌的時間) (gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian)
3. Snake Dance (蛇舞) (she wu)
4. Sea Of Flowers (花海) (hua hai)
5. Mr Magic (魔術先生) (mo shu xian sheng)
6. Where's The Promised Happiness (說好的幸福呢) (shuo hao de xing fu ne)
7. Lan Ting Preface (蘭亭序) (lan ting xu)
8. Wandering Poet (流浪詩人) (liu lang shi ren)
9. Time Machine (時光機) (shi guang ji)
10. Uncle Joker (喬克叔叔) (qiao ke shu shu)
11. Fragrance Of Rice (稻香) (dao xiang)
Kung Fu Dunk OST (temp)
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Kung Fu Dunk OST (temp)

Release date: 10th April 2008
Temporary placeholder for kung fu dunk ost.
On The Run (我很忙) (wo hen mang)
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On The Run (我很忙) (wo hen mang)

Release date: 2nd November 2007
Jay Chou's eighth album, this album marks a significant change in style for Jay Chou. For the first time he experiments with country music, using it in his title track "Cowboy Is Very Busy". However he still persists with his own style for the rest of the album. This album more than any other reflects Jay Chou's life.

1. Cowboy Is Very Busy (牛仔很忙) (niu zai hen mang)
2. Rainbow (彩虹) (cai hong)
3. Chinese Flower Pot (青花瓷) (qing hua ci)
4. Sunshine Homeboy (陽光宅男) (yang guang zhai nan)
5. Dandelion's Promise (蒲公英的約定) (pu gong ying de yue ding)
6. Unparalleled (無雙) (wu shuang)
7. I'm Not Worthy (我不配) (wo bu pei)
8. Babbling (扯) (che)
9. Sweet (甜甜的) (tian tian de)
10. The Longest Movie (最長的電影) (zui chang de dian ying)
Secret OST (不能說的秘密電影原聲帶) (bu neng shuo de mi mi dian ying yuan sheng dai)
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Secret OST (不能說的秘密電影原聲帶) (bu neng shuo de mi mi dian ying yuan sheng dai)

Release date: 23rd August 2007
The OST for the movie "Secret" that he directed, 21 songs composed by Jay Chou and famous Thai musician Terdsak Janpan.

1. Opening
2. Bike (腳踏車) (jiao ta che)
3. Morning Exercise (早操) (zao cao)
4. Tam Shui Seaside (淡水海邊) (dan shui hai bian)
5. Piano Battle (鬥琴) (dou qin)
6. Jay And Rain's Piano Duet (湘倫小雨四手聯彈) (xiang lun xiao yu si shou lian tan)
7. Ride With Me
8. Father And Son (父與子) (fu yu zi)
9. Lover's Tears (情人的眼淚) (qing ren de yan lei)
10. First Kiss
11. Girl, Don't Cry For Me (女孩別為我哭泣) (nü hai bie wei wo ku qi)
12. Teru Teru Bozu (晴天娃娃) (qing tian wa wa)
13. Ah Lang And Ah Bao (阿郎與阿寶) (a lang yu a bao)
14. Dance With Father (與父共舞) (yu fu gong wu)
15. Lu Xiao Yu (路小雨) (lu xiao yu)
16. The Swan
17. Flash Back
18. Secret (Slow Version)
19. Angel
20. Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 1 (小雨寫立可白Ⅰ) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅰ)
21. Xiao Yu Uses The Tip-Ex 2 (小雨寫立可白Ⅱ) (xiao yu xie li ke bai Ⅱ)
22. Secret (Long and Fast Version)
23. Piano Room (琴房) (qin fang)
24. Ending
25. Secret (不能說的秘密) (bu neng shuo de mi mi)
Curse Of The Golden Flower (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)
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Curse Of The Golden Flower (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)

Release date: 8th December 2006
As the title suggests this is an EP for the big movie "Curse Of The Golden Flower" which stars Jay. The EP only contains two songs, the main theme song for the movie and also the piano version of the ending song. Also included is a DVD with 11 MVs from the last album and also the MV for the new song.

1. Golden Armour (黃金甲) (huang jin jia)
2. Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台) (ju hua tai) (piano version)
Still Fantasy (依然范特西) (yi ran fan te xi)
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Still Fantasy (依然范特西) (yi ran fan te xi)

Release date: 5th September 2006
The seventh album from Jay Chou, this album is named to after his most famous album Fantasy and represents Jay's insistence of not changing his style and that his music is still very much Fantasy. The album sees Jay collaborating with the famous Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Ching in track 3. The lyrics by Vincent Fang are as wonderful as ever with creative entries such as Track 4 which is based on Chinese medicine. Jay also experiments with some new styles which can be found in track 9 and 10. Jay once again composes all the tracks for the album with his best partner Vincent Fang writing a majority of the lyrics.

1. Twilight's Chapter Seven (夜的第七章) (ye de di qi zhang)
2. Listen To Mother's Words (聽媽媽的話) (ting ma ma de hua)
3. Beyond A Thousand Miles (Faraway) (千里之外) (qian li zhi wai)
4. Compendium of Materia Medica (本草綱目) (ben cao gang mu)
5. Step Back (退後) (tui hou)
6. Popular Imitation (紅模仿) (hong mo fang)
7. Heart Rain (心雨) (xin yu)
8. White Windmill (白色風車) (bai se feng che)
9. Rosemary (迷迭香) (mi die xiang)
10. Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台) (ju hua tai)
Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲)
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Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲)

Release date: 27th January 2006
This EP coincides with the movie Huo Yuan Chia (Fearless) starring Jet Li, the EP features the theme song as well as the live cover version of Waste Of Space which Jay wrote for Jordan Chan. Accompanying the EP is all the music videos for the tracks in November's Chopin as well as the music video for track 1. The theme song follows Jay's style of mixing Chinese music, Chinese martial arts and western music.

1.Huo Yuan Chia (霍元甲) (huo yuan chia)
2.Waste Of Space (獻世) (xian shi)
November's Chopin (十一月的蕭邦) (shi yi yue de xiao bang)
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November's Chopin (十一月的蕭邦) (shi yi yue de xiao bang)

Release date: 1st November 2005
The sixth album from Jay Chou, the title of the album is named after Chopin who Jay admires greatly and also to the fact that the album was released in November, which is later than his usual release date. The influence of Chopin is clearly seen in the title track Nocturnes which is named after Chopin's famous piece of work. The lyrics describe the loss of a lover. Track 5 sees Jay poking fun at the paparazzi. The album features the regular lyricists Vincent Fang, Devon Song and Huang Jun Lang. Jay composes all the songs by himself again.

1.Nocturnes (夜曲) (ye qu)
2.Blue Storm (藍色風暴) (lang se feng bao)
3.Hair Like Snow (髮如雪) (fa ru xue)
4.Black Sweater (黑色毛衣) (hei se mao yi)
5.Attacked From All Sides (四面楚歌) (si mian chu ge)
6.Maple (楓) (feng)
7.Romantic Handphone (浪漫手機) (lang man shou ji)
8.Reverse Scale (逆鱗) (ni lin)
9.Maltose (麥芽糖) (mai ya tang)
10.Coral Sea (珊瑚海) (shan hu hai)
11.Drifting (飄移) (piao yi)
12.All The Way North (一路向北) (yi lu xiang bei)
Initial J
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Initial J

Release date: 31st August 2005
Jay Chou's first step into the Japanese market, with the title inspired by Initial D which had a movie starring Jay. The album consists of a selection of hits from all his albums. It also contains the theme song for the movie Initial D.

1.All The Way North (一路向北) (yi lu xiang bei)
2.Nun-Chuks (雙截棍) (shuang jie gun)
3.Lovable Woman (可愛女人) (ke ai n� ren)
4.The Final Battle (最後的戰役) (zui hou de zhan yi)
5.Double Blade (雙刀) (shuang dao)
6.Ninja (忍者) (ren zhe)
7.In The Name Of The Father (以父之名) (yi fu zhi ming)
8.Black Humour (黑色幽默) (hei se you mo)
9.My Territory (我的地盤) (wo de di pan)
10.East Wind Breaks (東風破) (dong feng po)
11.Common Jasmin Orange (七里香) (qi li xiang)
12.Drifting (飄移) (piao yi)
Incomparable (無與倫比) (wu yu lun bi)
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Incomparable (無與倫比) (wu yu lun bi)

Release date: 31st January 2005
Incomparable is Jay's tour concert in 2004! The album features a massive 25 tracks consisting of famous songs from all his albums. Jay also performs cover versions of popular songs such as Zhang Zhen Yue's Love Me Then Don't Leave, Nan Quan Mama's Disintegrate which Jay wrote and Jolin Choi's Rewind which he also wrote.

Disc 1
1.In The Name Of The Father (以父之名) (yi fu zhi ming)
2.Casualties Of Stopping War (止戰之殤)
3.Her Eyelashes (她的睫毛) (ta de jie mao)
4.Fine Day (晴天) (qing tian)
5.You Can Hear It (妳聽得到) (ni ting de dao)
6.Terraced Field Plus Dad I Have Come Back (梯田+爸我回來了) (ti tian+ba wo hui lai le)
7.Garden Party (園遊會) (yuan you hui)
8.Tornado (龍捲風) (long juan feng)
9.General/Checkmate (將軍) (jiang jun)
10.Chaotic Dance Of Spring And Autumn (亂舞春秋) (luan wu chun qiu)
11.Clear Stars (星晴) (xing qing)+Go Back To The Past (回到過去) (hui dao guo qu)+The Final Battle (最後的戰役) (zui hou de zhan yi)+Love Me Then Don't Leave (愛我別走) (ai wo bie zou) (Original Singer: Zhang Zhen Yue)
12.My Territory (我的地盤) (wo de di pan)
13.Cliff Of Love (愛情懸崖) (ai qing xuan ya)

Disc 2
1.Run Aground (擱淺) (ge qian)
2.Excuse (藉口) (jie kou)
3.Disintegrate (瓦解) (wa jie) (Original Singers: Nan Quan Mama)
4.Double Blade (雙刀) (shuang dao)+Nun-Chuks (雙截棍) (shuang jie gun)+Dragon Fist (龍拳) (long quan)
5.Desperate Fight (困獸之鬥) (kun shou zhi dou)
6.Rewind (倒帶) (dao dai) (Original Singer: Jolin Choi)
7.Simple Love (簡單愛) (jian dann ai)
8.Common Jasmin Orange (七里香) (qi li xiang)
9.Maternal Grandmother (外婆) (wai po)
10.Broken String (斷了的弦) (duan le de xian)
11.East Wind Breaks (東風破) (dong feng po)
12.Orbit (軌跡) (gui ji)
Common Jasmin Orange (七里香) (qi li xiang)
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Common Jasmin Orange (七里香) (qi li xiang)

Release date: 3rd August 2004
The fifth album from Jay Chou, this is named after a flower and is also the title of track 2. This album sees the introduction of new lyricists Huang Jun Lang (track 5) and Devon Song (track 6), the album still features Vincent Fang and Will Liu. As usual Jay composes all the tracks on the album. The music video for track 2 was filmed in Japan and track 10 was filmed in Russia.

1.My Territory (我的地盤) (wo de di pan)
2.Common Jasmin Orange (七里香) (qi li xiang)
3.Excuse (藉口) (jie kou)
4.Maternal Grandmother (外婆) (wai po)
5.General/Checkmate (將軍) (jiang jun)
6.Run Aground (擱淺) (ge qian)
7.Chaotic Dance Of Spring And Autumn (亂舞春秋) (luan wu chun qiu)
8.Desperate Fight (困獸之鬥) (kun shou zhi dou)
9.Garden Party (園遊會) (yuan you hui)
10.Casualties Of Stopping War (止戰之殤) (zhi zhan zhi shang)
Hidden Track EP (尋找周杰倫 EP) (xun zhao zhou jie lun EP)
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Hidden Track EP (尋找周杰倫 EP) (xun zhao zhou jie lun EP)

Release date: 12th November 2003
This EP coincides with Jay's debut guest appearance on the silver screen in the movie also titled Hidden Track. Track 1 is the theme song for this movie and track 2 is an interlude. Not only does the EP come with the two tracks, it also comes with the karaoke versions of the two songs as well as all the music videos from Jay's previous album Ye Hui Mei. The strange letters vmp6513 5. ru,6xjp are the letters typed in to get the Chinese words for the title.

1.Orbit (軌跡) (gui ji)
2.Broken String (斷了的弦) (duan le de xian)
Ye Hui Mei (葉惠美)
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Ye Hui Mei (葉惠美)

Release date: 31st July 2003
Ye Hui Mei is the fourth album from Jay Chou and is named after his mother. The first track opens the album with a creative mix of rap, opera and the mafia. The album sees the return of Vivian Hsu with track 9. The album includes the music videos for track 1 which was shot in Rome and also track 11 which was shot in America. The music video for track 7 also features the famous basketball player Yao Ming and Jay loses his first onscreen kiss in the music video for track 3.

1.In The Name Of The Father (以父之名) (yi fu zhi ming)
2.Coward (懦夫) (nuo fu)
3.Fine Day (晴天) (qing tian)
4.Third Year Class Two (三年二班) (san nian er ban)
5.East Wind Breaks (東風破) (dong feng po)
6.You Can Hear It (妳聽得到) (ni ting de dao)
7.The Same Kind Of Tune (同一種調調) (tong yi zhong diao diao)
8.Her Eyelashes (她的睫毛) (ta de jie mao)
9.Cliff Of Love (愛情懸崖) (ai qing xuan ya)
10.Terraced Field (梯田) (ti tian)
11.Double Blade (雙刀) (shuang dao)
The One Live CD
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The One Live CD

Release date: 28th October 2002
The One is Jay Chou's massive tour concert and this album is the recording from the first stop Taipei in Taiwan. The concert features 20 hit tracks from Jay's albums as well as live cover versions of Jolin Tsai's How Can You Not Even Speak Clearly? which Jay wrote and David Tao's Search For Myself. Not featured on this album is the song David Tao and Jay performed together in the concert.

Disc 1
1.Opening Nun-Chuks Changed Rhythm Version(雙截棍 變奏版) (shuang jie gun bian zou ban)
2.Ninja (忍者) (ren zhe)
3.The Tea Grandpa Makes Extended Version (爺爺泡的茶 加長版) (ye ye pao de cha jia chang ban)
4.Secret Signal (暗號) (an hao)
5.Love In BC (愛在西元前) (ai zai xi yuan qian)
6.The Iron Box Of The Island (半島鐵盒) (ban dao tie he)
7.Go Back To The Past (回到過去) (hui dao guo qu)
8.Bullfight (鬥牛) (dou niu)
9.Split (分裂) (fen lie) (also known as Leave/離開(li kai))
10.Silence (安靜) (an jing)
11.Black Humour (黑色幽默) (hei se you mo)

Disc 2
1.Search For Myself(Rain) (找自己) (zhao zi ji) (Original Singer: David Tao)
2.Tornado (龍捲風) (long juan feng)
3.Clear Stars (星晴) (xing qing)
4.Dragon Fist (龍拳) (long quan)
5.Shanghai 1943 (上海一九四三) (shang hai yi jiu si san)
6.How Can You Not Even Speak Clearly? (你怎麼連話都說不清楚) (ni zen me lian hua dou shuo bu qing chu) (Original Singer: Jolin Choi)
7.The Final Battle (最後的戰役) (zui hou de zhan yi)
8.Simple Love (簡單愛) (jian dan ai)
9.Cannot Speak (開不了口) (kai bu liao kou)
The Eight Dimensions (八度空間) (ba du kong jian)
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The Eight Dimensions (八度空間) (ba du kong jian)

Release date: 19th July 2002
The third album from Jay Chou, this album promises to take you to the eight dimensions. As usual all the tracks are composed by Jay, the lyrics are written mainly by his best partner Vincent Fang with contributions from his friend Will Liu and also Xu Shi Chang who won a contest to have his lyrics used. The album features the now famous r&b style combined with the creative lyrics. The album comes with a long movie version of the music video for The Final Battle as well as a video diary accounting the filming.

1.The Orcs (半獸人) (ban shou ren) (Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos)
2.The Iron Box Of The Island (半島鐵盒) (ban dao tie he)
3.Secret Signal (暗號) (an hao)
4.Dragon Fist (龍拳) (long quan)
5.Where Is The Train Going? (火車叨位去) (heu chia deo wi ky) (Taiwanese)
6.Split (分裂) (fen lie) (also known as Leave/離開(li kai))
7.The Tea Grandpa Makes (爺爺泡的茶) (ye ye pao de cha)
8.Go Back To The Past (回到過去) (hui dao guo qu)
9.Milan's Small Ironsmith (米蘭的小鐵匠) (mi lan de xiao tie jiang)
10.The Final Battle (最後的戰役) (zui hou de zhan yi)
Partners (拍檔) (pai dang)
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Partners (拍檔) (pai dang)

Release date: 26th April 2002
Partners is a compilation album of many songs written by the golden partnership of Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. The album features many songs by a variety of different artists from Coco Lee to Leo Ku.

1.Actress Specialised In Military Roles (刀馬旦) (dao ma dan) / Coco Lee (李玟)
2.Shanghai 1943 (上海一九四三) (shang hai yi jiu si san) / Jay Chou (周杰倫)
3.Prohibit Sorrow (禁止悲傷) (jin zhi bei shang) / Valen Hsu (許茹芸)
4.Love In BC (愛在西元前) (ai zai xi yuan qian) / Jay Chou (周杰倫)
5.Tears Know (眼淚知道) (yan lei zhi dao) / Landy Win (溫嵐)
6.Genie Of The Night Sky (夜空的精靈) (ye kong de jing ling) / Leo Ku (古巨基)
7.The Sound Of Raining (落雨聲) (luo yu sheng) / Judy Chiang (江蕙)
8.Show Interest (動心) (dong xin) / Landy Win (溫嵐)
9.Wife (娘子) (niang zi) / Jay Chou (周杰倫)
10.Light Bulb (電燈泡) (dian deng pao) / Kan Kan (康晉榮(康康))
11.Light Bulb II (電燈泡II) (dian deng pao II) / Kan Kan (康晉榮(康康))
12.You Are Happier Than In The Past (你比從前快樂) (ni bi cong qian kuai le) / Jacky Wu (吳宗憲)
13.There Is A Cat In The Alley (胡同裡有隻貓) (hu tong li you zhi mao) / Landy Win (溫嵐)
14.Clock That Goes Backwards (反方向的鐘) (fan fang xiang de zhong) / Jay Chou (周杰倫)


Release date: 9th April 2002
This EP signals Jay's entry into the international market, consisting of the two hit songs from Fantasy. The EP also includes the music videos for both songs and a translation of the lyrics for Nun-Chuks is also provided.

1.Nun-Chuks (雙截棍) (shuang jie gun)
2.Simple Love (簡單愛) (jian dan ai)
Fantasy Plus
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Fantasy Plus

Release date: 21st December 2001
Fantasy Plus is an EP consisting of three live tracks from Jay Chou's Fantasy Show concert. The three tracks are songs he wrote for other artists. Track 1 was written for Valen Hsu, 2 was for Jacky Wu and 3 was for SBDW. The EP also includes the music videos for every song on Fantasy and Fantasy Plus.

1.Snail (蝸牛) (gua niu)
2.You Are Happier Than In The Past (你比從前快樂) (ni bi cong qian kuai le)
3.End Of The World (世界末日) (shi jie mo ri)
Fantasy (范特西) (fan te xi)
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Fantasy (范特西) (fan te xi)

Release date: 20th September 2001
The second album from Jay Chou, this is considered by many to be the album that propelled Jay into stardom. Once again featuring lyrics from his two partners Vincent Fang and Vivian Hsu. Fantasy lives up to its name with songs centered around strange and wonderful themes. Jay again composes all the songs in the album. The first track is very famous for its originality in describing love through time. Track 2 also garners praise with its lyrics on a sensitive subject as well as being sung partially in Taiwanese. Nun-Chuks is the track that has brought Jay the most fame with its combination of Chinese music and hip hop.

1.Love In BC (愛在西元前) (ai zai xi yuan qian)
2.Dad I Have Come Back (爸我回來了) (ba wo hui lai le)
3.Simple Love (簡單愛) (jian dann ai)
4.Ninja (忍者) (ren zhe)
5.Cannot Speak (開不了口) (kai bu liao kou)
6.Shanghai 1943 (上海一九四三) (shang hai yi jiu si san)
7.Sorry (對不起) (dui bu qi)
8.William's Castle (威廉古堡) (wei lian gu bao)
9.Nun-Chuks (雙截棍) (shuang jie gun)
10.Silence (安靜) (an jing)
Jay Album (杰倫專輯) (jie lun zhuan ji)
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Jay Album (杰倫專輯) (jie lun zhuan ji)

Release date: 1st November 2000
Jay Album is the groundbreaking debut album from the talented writer Jay Chou. Featuring a fresh r&b style and wonderful lyrics from Vincent Fang, Vivian Hsu and Jay himself. All the tracks on the album are composed by Jay. The first track Lovable Woman features the lovely Vivian Hsu in the music video. Every track has a music video except for track 8, although there is a KTV which was not made by Jay.

1.Lovable Woman (可愛女人) (ke ai nü ren)
2.Perfectionism (完美主義) (wan mei zhu yi)
3.Clear Stars (星晴) (xing qing)
4.Wife (娘子) (niang zi)
5.Bullfight (鬥牛) (dou niu)
6.Black Humour (黑色幽默) (hei se you mo)
7.Istanbul (伊斯坦堡) (yi si tan bao)
8.Old Indian Turtledove (印地安老斑鳩) (yin di an lao ban jiu)
9.Tornado (龍捲風) (long juan feng)
10.Clock That Goes Backwards (反方向的鐘) (fan fang xiang de zhong)