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"Worldly Tavern" saving beauty, Jay Chou not in action, just lip syncs

by kelvin@multistars - 10th December 2012

Source: UDN

Jay Chou in new MV

The MV for Jay Chou's new song "Worldly Tavern" cost 2.5 million, they filmed an ancient Chinese martial arts love story, besides filming the movies "Curse of the Golden Flower" and "True Legend" when he appeared with an ancient look, he has never done it in an MV, he said: "The company told me not to do an ancient costume, I don't know why either, anyways the artist's job is the lip sync, I'll let the actors do the acting." If you want him to do an ancient costume for movies, you better come with big bucks.

The MV and making of for "Worldly Tavern" was premiered today on YouTube in the morning, Jay Chou did not forget to play the host as he filmed the MV, he revealed he didn't understand why they didn't let him film in an ancient costume, to this, JVR Music stated, they weren't excluding Jay Chou from doing it in an ancient costume, he has done so before in movies, but it's a Chinese style MV, let him maintain his grace, and concentrate on directing and lip syncing.

The story of the MV is the male lead Darren rescues a beauty, he lives an ordinary life with the female lead, later his enemies come after him, he is killed, Darren rode horses, fought while being wired up, he did all the hard stuff, even though Jay Chou was only lip syncing, he was still buzzing about filming the MV, he only wore a sleeveless garment while lip syncing in minus 4 degrees.

Darren stole the camera and filmed Jay Chou, he praised Jay's well toned muscles, Jay Chou replied shyly: "It's ok", afterwards he put on a proud face, Darren said, he couldn't find a better phrase to describe Jay's muscles, ge continued: "Let us continue looking!" He moved the camera downwards towards Jay's lower body, Jay hurriedly pushed the camera away.

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