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Trailer for Jay Chou's new movie "The RooFToP" revealed

by kelvin@multistars - 27th February 2013

Source: Sina

Jay Chou fighting in new movieJay Chou's retro lookJay Chou shows off his body

The trailer for Jay Chou's second directed movie "The RooFToP" has been revealed, the official website will launch on the 28th. On the 27th at the Taipei press release the teaser trailer revealed new characters, apart from Eric Tsang who has worked with Jay Chou many times, Alan Ko, variety star Ken and Na Dou make a surprise appearance.

The teaser trailer for "The RooFToP" has a strong "Chou style", besides the signature dance routine, there is also elements of martial arts, the character looks and sets ooze a retro feel and atmosphere. Jay Chou described this: "The RooFToP is full of a lot of fresh joyful atmospheres, apart from going retro, at the same time this will be the first Chinese musical and martial arts style movie, I hope it will be like Secret and make audiences see things afresh."

In order to create a fresh feeling, Jay Chou especially got his good friend Alan Ko to star in it for the first time, he said: "In The RooFToP", I play Lang Zi Gao who grew up with buddies, so in the movie no matter whether we fight or run we do it together, apart from it all being very lively we had a lot of chemistry." In the movie he is good friends with Alan Ko, for friendship, he took the risk of being fixed by a muscle man, he and Alan Ko went to the saunas to collect rent.

In order to film this musical martial arts scene, Director Chou showed off his muscles that he worked so hard to attain, Alan Ko wailed: "Even though I usually train, but seeing how perfect Jay's muscle lines are, I am completely put down." Alan Ko has recently had stellar performances in Taiwanese films, he starred in "Din Tao" which set a box office record in Taiwan having broken 3 hundred million, to their "double Lun combo", he hopes they can set a new record for the holidays in Taiwan.

Director Chou has won the title of Chinese music industry heavenly king, of course he has taken upon himself to do the music for "The RooFToP", apart from the signature Chou style love songs in the OST, there will also be many original musical martial art music, Jay Chou said: "It's not easy fighting and singing at the same time, but I guarantee the audience will hear exciting music in The RooFToP." The RooFToP has been filmed across shores, locations include Taipei, Zhanghua, Yun Lin Xi Luo, Tai Nan, Gaoxiong, Mainland China Beijing, Shanghai and more, the movie is expected to be released this year in the holidays.

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