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Taiwanese male star Jay Chou in US Magazine's 100 Most Creative People in Business

by kelvin@multistars - 30th May 2010

Source: Sina

Jay Chou featured in the business magazine Fast Company

Jay Chou who once appeared on the America's "Time" magazine cover in 2003 has once again appeared on the international scene. He has been listed in the 100 Most Creative People in Business for American commercial magazine "Fast Company", he is ranked 70. The magazine praised him for his impressive performance in crossing over from music to directing, plus he has operated with a distinct vision for his side occupation.

According to Taiwan's "UDN" report, after Jay Chou, who is busy planning his tour concert, heard about this news he said: "At the moment I am putting my thoughts into the concert, if the concert is a success it will be even better."

In the magazine, Jay Chou has been a success in music and his side occupations, due to his role as both a artist and music writer, he had an output value of US$17.5 million last year.

It runs through how Jay Chou directed "Secret" in 2008, opening Mr J Italian and French Kitchen, dessert house, directing the TV series "Pandamen" and filming "The Green Hornet" in Hollywood with Michel Gondry, this year he will be investing his time in music and releasing a new album.

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