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Taipei Walker Diary Vol 6 (杰倫日記)

01 June 2002

Vincent & Jay & their music - the Amadeus of the Chinese Pop music world

Jay: Wait a sec! Wait a sec! This isn't my Mood Diary? Why has Vincent Fang's big face appeared? That's strange it's not July of the lunar calendar yet. Don't be suspicious, because this is the final time. For letting the readers have a different memory, that's why I especially found Vincent Fang to help me write, talk about me and him and our music.

Vincent Fang: Following Jay's musical creation engulfing and shocking the whole Chinese world, after not only overturning but shaking what the new generation is used to listening to, from this it has tightened Jay's established position as the R&B young heavenly king of the Chinese music industry. Stimulating this so called new wave upsurge of R&B, often there will be people who are curious and inquire about the interactive relationship between me and Jay in music creation and also the way I see Jay.

According to these couple of years of observation and actual getting along, and also under the close collaboration of the lyrics of 2 albums, I think I should summarize it here; well that is Jay is a "genius style composer" and I am a "diligent style lyricist".

In 1984, at that time the US had a film called "Amadeus", it won the Best Film in the Oscars, 8 big awards. It gave an excellent performance in the film industry, it was on everybody's lips, and "Amadeus" is a biography style film that described musical child prodigy Mozart. A part of the contents was talking about the emotional knot between Mozart and the music teacher in the palace Salieri and also the unavoidable conflict of the tragic nature. Salieri is a diligent style music teacher in the palace, before Mozart appears he possessed the master class position of being worshipped and admired. Yet, after Mozart appeared everything changed from this point. Because no matter how much Salieri used his brain and neglect his sleep and meals to compose, his work would always never be able to catch up with Mozart's genius style, the endless inspiration and the casual composing of picking at random. From this point Salieri fell into the bottom of the valley from high in the clouds. From pure worshipping of Mozart to derivative jealousy and enmity, very painful, he also committed suicide by slitting his wrists at old age. Of course I am not Salieri, because we have different specialized regions. The media and material I write are characters and not music so therefore Jay and me are not under the condition of competing. And what I am trying to open and cultivate are lyrics with wider themes and scope, which is not a part Jay is an expert in but I myself think of it as belonging to a "diligent style lyricist".

Even though I am not the music teacher in the palace Salieri, but yet Jay is the Mozart in my eyes. A "genius style composer", the Amadeus of the Chinese music world.

Jay Chou: So I play the part of this kind of role in his heart, Jay's Mood Diary has finally come to the final chapter, every time I see the messages left by fans they make me very touched in my heart, the support of fans is really the biggest motivation for me making music. Of course producing better and more special music, this is a must! Very soon, my new album will be published, everyone just has to wait a little longer.