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Taipei Walker Diary Vol 5 (杰倫日記)

01 May 2002

jay chou Changing into an international superstar, learning English is a must!

It really is very strange! It is already May, but the weather is sometimes cold and sometimes hot. It makes people not know which suggestion to follow! Of course recently there has been a lot of storms/rumours being rife, but they do not affect me! Music prevails over all, I live through my life, searching for happiness, even though normally I cannot smell any taste of freedom. But at present I think I have just about enough to use. I utilise a little bit of free space to exchange for 2, 3 songs or the lyrics of half a song. And it is worth it!

Recently I have started to practise some rhythm, I hope it can take the me who cannot dance and change me to a relatively more like a music moving artist, ha! Is that funny? Good, I have to start to work hard, start to write some lyrics, I hope to use them for a special purpose, only then will it not let Vincent Fong attain distinction alone before me. In my new album, I am going to take on another kind of self, I want to enhance "the spirit of Fantasy", then it is necessary to continue a really diao illusion style, looking forward to it! Give me another 2 weeks......

Recently apart from being busy with the things to do with my next album, I have also started to speak English by the style of one on one, there's no other way because my "Nun-chuks EP" has already been published in Italy and Europe, perhaps that day I will have a chance then I would want to go even further overseas to promote. If I cannot speak even English then that really would be very embarrassing! So, whenever I have a free now, then I will have a conversation with my teacher. Not only is it like this, even the colleagues in the company are my practicing partner! "Learning English, this is a must!" Finally, lets all work hard, continue to be myself.

HI Jay:

[zhou] director creation is the example [fan]
[jie] extraordinary person called individualistic [te]
[lun] talk about kung fu and music expensive things [xi]
[hao] good mister the public says good [bang]
Hello Jay, this is a poem I especially wrote for you, even though it does not have any level and oblique tones, rhyme but the poem's start and end has the words [zhou jie lun hao] (Jay Chou is good), [fan te xi bang] (Fantasy is good), etc... I hope you like it, also I hope that under the surroundings of the messages left online, you can concentrate on creating your third album for us!
PS The European version of Nun-Chuks EP in Italy, the cover is designed very diao!

Eric Wang wishes to struggle along with you

jay chouJay Response

Dear Eric:
I also have to give you and the fans encouragement! Seeing that you used my name and album name to write a short poem for me, it really is full of creativity, indeed a very fantasy style fan! This kind of feeling seems like it can be used as lyrics, I also really like the cover of the EP, it is super cool, at last I can let western people listen to Chinese music, everyone continue to work hard together!
jay chou
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