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Taipei Walker Diary Vol 4 (杰倫日記)

01 April 2002

jay chou Photo album has sold very well, thank you for everyone's support

The flower season of Yangmingshan has already started, have you been up there to see it before? Sometimes being in the middle of nature instead can arouse a lot of our inspirations, a kind of thought that is provoked by being moved by primitive beauty.

Time really goes past fast, a while and it is April, I never thought that till present I am still as busy as I was when I was doing promotion. A majority of artist's career is like the same as a "convenient store", no rest for the whole year! But, even though it is like this, I still utilise time to complete a couple of songs' melodies. I know everyone is waiting, but I also have my own timetable. I will not be too fast but I will not be too slow; writing cannot be squeezed but you cannot be lazy, these are my principles.

Last month, my photo album finally got published. Not only that but also it seems to be selling quite well. I really don't know if it is because I have too much charm? Or does Vincent Fang's literary talent being good cause it? Anyhow thank you to all, we are very happy.

In addition, I believe you have already seen all of my different styles in the book! Even though some are deliberately pretending, but I think they are OK! If anyone has any suggestions you can tell me.

In my gathering for the signing of my new book, I saw a lot of fans from different places, in fact in my heart I am completely moved. But as soon as I think of Vincent Fang's tense face, then I think that it is very amusing. My appearance when I am playing the piano is very handsome!? Normally I depend on playing and singing whenever I feel like, only then can I stimulate out the inspiration for an album, so that's why! Still request everyone to give me more time again, it won't be long before you can hear my new album. As for what different music it is, at the moment I cannot say too much! Because "keep secret to prevent spying, everyone has responsibility"!


I remember last year when I heard your first album, then I totally liked you, afterwards I bought every one of your albums! I also went to see your concert! The young girls that see your charm live, I can only use two words to describe "weak legs"! I hope that you can continue to create even more diao music in the future! Become the "diao diao person" of international music. I hope that you can come to your "Jay Organisation" web when you have time, there are a lot of your fans there!

Super diao Jay Chou
Super diao MTV

Super Diao Xiao Wu

jay chouJay Response

Super diao Xiao Wu:
I could never have thought that my fighting skill would be so powerful, making you weak at the legs to the point where you cannot use any strength, actually I do take notice of the messages left online! It's only that I'm so busy I don't have time to go and leave messages often, please forgive me, super diao Xiao Wu, I suggest you eat some strengthening pills, then your legs won't become weak!
jay chou
jay chouPersonal Items Exposed

Only love the cross necklace
Once you put it on then you will be very cool

Does these two necklaces look very familiar? Not wrong, these are the ornaments I wear the most when taking photos, so that's why if you are a fan, you will definitely remember. Actually I really like to buy necklaces, but not as much as caps! Not only this but I have an exclusive cross style one, maybe it has something to do with the fact I used to study at a missionary school!