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Taipei Walker Diary Vol 3 (杰倫日記)

01 March 2002

jay chouContinuously a rainy day, leads people to think of the past

Before the big fine sky, there were a couple of rainy days, I caught the cold!

There was a kind of wonderful feeling, the cold weather plus my own stuffy nose. It just so happens this kind of atmosphere makes me think back to the past, don't know if you have this kind of feeling. Maybe one day you ransack boxes and chests you will take out an elementary textbook. When you turn open it, it is old and brings a bit of general yellow pages, it gives out a strange book smell that has not been smelt for a couple of 10 years. That is in this moment's atmosphere it leads you to go back to the past. The you who is in the third year right now, one side you are memorising texts in a book, another side you are scribbling and another side you are chatting to the girl next to you...

I believe everyone has this kind because of things, taste, the right atmosphere and the feeling of going back into the past. I really want to take this feeling and change it into a kind of work, record it down, but there's a bit of laziness, I still cannot complete it.

The me in junior high school liked to take a sound recorder and go around taping things from east and west. Sometimes I even took names of schoolmates and chanted them into rap, because at that time I would not make demos so I at one side I played black music and at one side I chanted. My schoolmates laughed themselves to death. If it wasn't this it was the voice of the teacher shouting at schoolmates taped down, or it was conversations between my schoolmates and me. It really is a pity, these records were already thrown away ages ago! I still suggest to everyone that you can take a sound recorder and tape down the present you every hour and every moment. And then after 10 years, 20 years you can take it out again and start again to review it, this kind of wonderful feeling, I think you will definitely like.

Spring has come, everything as if has a new beginning. I have already started to tape stuff, what about you? Have you already started your new year plan?

Hello Jay:
Music is imagination, imagination is happiness
I am willing to be a silence lovable woman, watching you dressing up as a ninja and playing the nun-chuks, in Shanghai 1943, I am your wife, go with you to Istanbul to watch a bullfight, the clock that goes backwards lets us go back to love in BC, in William's Castle there lived a black humour Indian Old Turtledove, your perfectionism makes your music have like a tornado attacking me, that is I cannot speak to let you know my clear stars. Oh! Dad I have come back, sorry, don't talk too much nonsense, in fact I only want to tell you, I want your simple love!
To Jay
Don't bother talking about the rest
Persist with my tune

I am 1982, I love Jay

jay chouJay Response

Called Apple right?
I really admire your creation and imagination, taking the song names from my 2 albums and stringing them together into a story, I hope you are happy everyday! I give you a copy of my photo album
jay chou
jay chouPersonal Items Exposed

So many caps he can open a store
Suitable for both collecting and using

Believe me, the ones you see here are definitely not all of them! Apart from the caps I am used to buying, plus the ones everyone gives me, I can practically open a shop for selling caps only. Looking carefully, can you see which caps in the picture are exclusive editions?